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the name of the song is November and it's a country song by a group of men called Emerson Drive There's also the song "The 8th of November" by Big and Rich, but I think that that came out after 2004...The song by Emerson Drive is a really good song, if that is the one you were referring to!!


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The name of the song IS the chorus...Whatcha Say by Jason Derulo

The name of the man that sings the chorus on Rick Ross' song Here I Am is Avery Storm.

The Chorus and the bridge/transitions are most important. But the chorus of a song is what people remember/gets stuck in their heads after they hear a song. I know that's how it is with me. I always remember the chorus and that usually has the name of the song in it too.

A chorus in a song is a verse that is repeated through the song.. a chorus can also be a choir of people singing

no a chorus is who sings the song A chorus is a repeated refrain after each verse of the song.

its a Christmas song(in a chorus of course)

a chorus in a song mean the special thing about that song. it is also like the main thing about the song and it shows the point in the song and that is why the chorus is said three or more times.

Pop song structure is (intro) Verse Chorus Verse Chorus Bridge chorus (outro)

The structure of the song Firework by Katy Perry is Verse / Pre Chorus / Chorus / Verse / Pre Chorus / Chorus / Bridge / Chorus.

A chorus is generally the part of a song that is repeated throughout the song. The ballad Edward Edward does not have a chorus.

Justin Timberlake sings the chorus for the song, "Where is the Love". He also helped to write the chorus. The song was recorded by The Black Eyed Peas.

A chorus is reapeated throughout a song.The main difference between a verse and a chorus is who is singing and who is not. A verse is usually the part of the story that is a song and the chorus is is the sing along part of the song.

The 80s song that has the chorus with the lyrics, "I wanna be with you, I wanna love you, too" is one by the group NB Ridaz. The name of the song is I Wanna Love You.

The most common different sections in a pop song are Intro Verse 1 Chorus Verse 2 Chorus Bridge Chorus Chorus

the main parts are verse1, pre-chorus, chorus, verse2, chorus, verse3, chorus, and bridge

"Don't Bring Me Down" by Electric Light Orchestra.

The chorus of a song can usually be identified by listening for a lyrical phrase or melodic being repeated. Normally the Chorus will follow the verse.

The groups name is "HEART"Song title is what about love.

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