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What is the name of the song in the ASPCA dog commercial?


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"that will be the answer"

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I have been wondering the same thing. I think she has some collie in her. If anyone knows, can you please share?

Ray LaMontagne sings the song in the dog food commercial. Great voice, great song. Look for it on you tube.

The 'Sprinkler' commercial is 'State Radio - Right Me Up' and the 'Six-Hour Playlist' commercial is 'State Radio - Sybil I'.

The singer is Rosi Golan. The song is available for download on

at the human society, ASPCA (USA) or dog pound (Worldwide) USA: ASPCA UK: RSPCA

There is a commercial where a college aged kid in a wheelchair adopts a dog, but I don't think the dog is crippled. This commercial is for MilkBone.

According to ASPCA guidelines, you can use any muzzle to stop your dog from barking, as long as the muzzle is comfortable for the dog to wear and does not restrict it from opening it's mouth.

Dog Days Are Over by Florence and the Machines

Artist : Florence and the machine Song : Dog days are over

I would think a lab or a golden retriever.

I thought I read somewhere his name is Chopper.

This from the ASPCA: Dear Ms. Wright, Thank you very much for your email regarding the dog named Betty in our commercial. When the ASPCA found Betty she was injured badly with a fractured vertebra, she could barely move but she continued to care for her new born pups. All of her pups were successfully adopted and shortly after in February 2003 Betty also found her new family and given the name Apple to start her journey with her new pet parents and another canine. Eight years later, Apples parents inform us that she is just as beautiful and intelligent as the day they brought her home and was a wonderful addition to the family. She spends her days chasing squirrels around five acres and being spoiled by her parents. Apple couldn't have wished for a better life. This is just one of many rescue stories with a happy ending. Sincerely, ASPCA Public Information xxxxxxxxxx I am not so sure I would trust this answer from the ASPCA or the ASPCA in general. From what I am reading the ASPCA has a history of transferring dogs to dog shelters that are considered "kill shelters" and euthanize approximately 1/3 of the dogs they take in. I have also read that the ASPCA supports widespread killing of animals. If you are planing to donate to this organization please do your own research, as you should do with any organization that you donate money to. (google ASPCA saves dogs by transporting them to kill shelters)

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