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"What It's Like" by Everlast

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Q: What is the name of the song in the new Law and Order commercial?
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What is the song at the beginning of Law Order CI episode Privilege?

no. what is the name of the song from the episode PRIVILEGE.

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Don't know her name but she played the prosecutor in Law and Order SVU.

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I finally found it by the voice it's "Lie,lie,lie" by "Serj Tankian"

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To date, nine seasons of Law and Order CI have produced only 195 episodes. I can't find an episode by the name '622'.

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The actor in the Comcast Xfinity commercial is Dennis Farina, who played Detective Joe Fontana on the original Law and Order series.

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Her name is Alana dela Garza and she is an actress on Law or Order (the original)

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commercial law

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Check for pricing on the links below which sell the sheet music for Law and Order.

What instruments play in Law and Order theme song?


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Capt. Don Cragen

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