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What is the drink commercial that has a man trying out for band and plays the tryout on a guitar using a coke or beer bottle as a slide?

If I remember correctly, this was a Budwieser commercial.

What does that slide button on the back of a Guitar Hero guitar do?

what slide button? theres no slide button on mines

What is best guitar for slide GUITAR?

The Dobro is a good guitar for playing in slide fashion.

Who plays slide guitar on Give Me Love by George Harrison?

George played slide guitar on ALL his records.

What does the slash mean on guitar tabs?

it means to slide. \ is to slide down and / is to slide up

How do I fix guitar hero guitar slide bar it is auto strumming?


Can you use a slide on an acoustic guitar?


How do you play a slide guitar?

With a lot of practise

What are all the different jamaican instruments?

The guitar, slide guitar, bongos, and of couse....the bong

What is a slide guitar?

It is a way to play a guitar where you use a glass or metal slide on either your pinky or middle finger. basically to play power chords on a guitar for rock music

What is a 4 letter word for guitar slide?


What instruments used in the blues?

Guitar and bass guitar, sometimes slide guitar, drums, keyboard/piano, even percussive instruments

Who played slide guitar Rod Stewart lady day?

Both Martin Quittenton and Ronnie Wood played guitar on the album Gasoline Alley from which this song comes, but the slide guitar was probably played by SAM MITCHELL on this one.

Do Guitar Hero 5 guitar controllers for Xbox 360 work with the Rock Band 2 game for Xbox 360?

All guitars work for all games. the only thing is the guitar hero guitar with the slide feature the slide feature will not work in rock band.

What does the slash on guitar tabs mean?

The Slash represents a slide.

Can you describe the sound of country music?

Lots of slide guitar

What actors and actresses appeared in Slide Guitar Ride - 2005?

The cast of Slide Guitar Ride - 2005 includes: Judah Bauer Bob Log III Alan Meyer

What object did Jimi Hendrix utilize on his guitar to create the slide guitar sound for his remake of the song All Along the Watchtower?

I think Jimi Hendrix used a cigarette lighter to create the slide guitar sound for his "all along the watchtower" cover.

What is a sl on a guitar tab?

"sl" means slide. Fret the first note, strike it, and slide your finger to the second note.

What are the parts of a bass guitar?

strings, mainframe, tuning keys and slide

How can you tell how much a slide guitar is worth?

By looking at the price tag

What are three full names performed on guitar?

Hammer on, hammer of and Slide

Who taught Jimi Hendrix slide guitar?

As far as I know he taught himself guitar by practicing almost constantly, watching others play, through tips from more experienced players, and by listening to records. But not so sure about slide guitar and I'm pretty sure the only time he was recorded playing slide was in All Along the Watchtower.

Will a guitar from guitar hero world tour work with rock band?

no because it has the slide neck trust me ive tried

Who plays Guitar on the song Layla?

Eric Clapton does the bent notes,while Duane Allman performed the slide Guitar.