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Q: What is the name of the stick muscial conductors use?
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Are all conductors magnetic?

All conductors have inductance. But all conductors are not used as inductors

How do both conductors and insulators help to use electricity?

conductors let electricity through, and insulators don't let it through, so they can help and control the path of the circuit

Where do you make use of good heat conductors?

Heat exchangers use heat conductors to transfer heat from one liquid to another.Refrigerators/freezers use heat conductors to cool the inside of your fridge.Disc brakes are made from materials that are good at heat conduction to keep them cool.The processor on your computer has a heat sink on it which allows the heat from the processor to be dissipated.Radiators are made of metals that are good at conducting heatThe element in a kettle is used to conduct heat.

What is a good example of a non insulator?

There are conductors, semiconductors and insulators. Conductors and semiconductors could be considered noninsulators, so I would say copper but if you want to use semiconductors instead you can say something like doped gallium.

What are examples of things that use conductors?

Anything that uses electricity in some form or another will have conductors. Any plug-in appliance or piece of equipment will have them inside. Machines, vehicles of every kind, and any generation equipment will have conductors. These conductors are going to be metal, very often copper, and the conductor will usually have an insulative sheath on it. If you think of wire as a conductor, which it is, then everything that has wire and uses electricity on some scale will fit the bill.

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What is the stick used by a conductor to lead a symphony?

That stick orchestra conductors use is called a baton.

What is the name of the tip of a conductors baton?

To make their movements more visible to the players, and more focused. Not all conductors choose to use a baton, however.More detailThe baton is "an extension of the arm" and makes his/her movements more visible to the players.Not all conductors do, however most of them do nowadays. Choral conductors tend to use batons less than orchestral conductors. Sometimes a conductor might put down the baton for a more expressive or slower piece of music.

What is the name for the stick that you use on touchscreens on music players?


What is the name of the stick you use to drive a plane with?

If the aircraft uses a "stick", it is known as such. Otherwise, it uses a "yoke", or wheel.

Who uses conductors?

The electrical trade is one of many trades that use conductors for projects.

What do you use a crosse for in sport?

A crosse is the formal name for a stick in the sport lacrosse.

How many conductors does a POTS line use?

Each telephone line uses only two conductors.

What is the name of the game where you use stick figure guy and kill zombies?

There's a game where you're a stick figure and you dodge sticks?

What is the main use of long and spiked conductors?

Long, spiked, rigid conductors are usually used as ground rods.

Where might you use conductors or insulaters?

juck your cal

How do engineers use conductors in products and appliances?

your mother

Why are the electrical plugs we use have metal?

Metals are conductors.