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Submerged dentition.

If a tooth is stuck and wants to come out but cannot, we call it an impacted tooth.

Usually it is a third molar tooth that causes this condition. also known as impacted wisdom tooth.

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Teeth that have come out cannot explode. There is no pressure built up inside of them to do so. Even teeth that are inside of the oral cavity cannot explode.

No, teeth that have come out of a person's mouth cannot explode. If someone claims they have seen this happen, they may be lying. Teeth inside of the mouth cannot explode either because no pressure is building up inside of the tooth.

yes back teeth can come out if they are first (milk) teeth they will be replaced but if they are second or adult teeth they can only be replaced with false teeth

Your teeth do not get stained after your braces come off.

baby teeth bleed when they come out because the gum will be opening up for the teeth to come out and that would be very hurt full. and when the gums are opening blood will come out.

because the new teeth will come

Sometimes when teeth are crowded, the wisdom teeth come after aging has caused teeth to narrow and make space, and then they come out! (Like my mum)

At what age do squirrels teeth come in?

The teeth cannot prevent infection or disease, whereas other organs and such can fight off those bacteria and infection. <><><> Teeth cannot heal themselves.

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Baby teeth have no nerves or "feet" like permanent teeth, so when they come out, it's just the tooth.

are you serious? ^Really...if you can buy Comet buy some toothpaste...if you cannot eat it you cannot brush your teeth with it.

if your baby teeth spoils, the permenant teeth will come out.

You can not grow a new tooth. All your teeth are present at birth. Your first teeth come in while you are a baby but your second teeth are all ready there as small 'buds" ready to form and come in as you loose the first teeth. As you know, your last teeth do not come in until you are 17-20. Because they come in last and you are older, they are called wisdom teeth.

Milk teeth, primary teeth.

Yes, all baby teeth come out

Yes.Eventually all your teeth will fall out and get replaced by teeth that cannot fall out anymore unless you yank it out or something.

Temporomandibular joint is the one between upper and lower jaw.

Incisors is the other name for front teeth.

not everyones wisdom teeth come in at age thirteen just like how some peoples teeth fall out before others

If I'm not wrong, no. Their teeth come out many times. Then they grow new teeth.

Your baby teeth, also known as "deciduous teeth," are supposed to come out. Adult teeth are meant to last the rest of your lifetime. Loss of adult teeth is a sign of bad dental problems and/or poor hygiene and care.

normally they come out on their own when the adult teeth come in, but sometimes they don't, and should be removed

yes ofcourse because all teeth fall so you have sttrong teeth so molars do come out

The childes front teeth come out when they rurn one years old.