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Q: What is the name or term used for the person who would help a knight get ready for battle?
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Who prepared medieval knights for their role?

In medieval times the knight was attended by his squires. The knight was training these squires in the martial arts as well as court etiquette. In theory the squires would dres the knight for battle, however as the squire was also going into battle it is more likely they were dressed by the pages or common retainers.

What is The first job boy has before being a knight?

At seven or eight years old, a boy would be assigned to a knight as a "page," whose duties consisted mostly of upkeep of the knight's equipment and fetching things for him. Around thirteen or fourteen, he would graduate to "squire," which requires him to oversee the knight's various pages as well as assist the knight in dressing for battle or parade.

What type of equipment is a knight responsible for maintaining in the middle ages?

You would have needed a good horse that is able to kick, bite and hurt people for when your in battle.

Who was the key person of the battle of Britain?

The Royal Air Force fighter pilots. Without them, the battle would have been lost.

What was a medieval soldiers Duties?

It was the duty of a Knight to learn how to fight and so serve their Lord according to the Code of Chivalry. The Code of Chivalry dictated that a Knight should be brave and fearless in battle but would also exhibit cultured Knightly qualities showing themselves to be devout, courteous and generous. Weapon practise included enhancing skills in the two-handed sword, battle axe, mace, dagger and lance. A Knight would be expected to guard the Castle and support his liege lord in Medieval warfare.

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Who was somebody who helped a knight get ready for battle?

The Squire not only helped the Knight get ready for battle, but he also fought in battle with him. The Squire also went everywhere the Knight went to learn the values of Chivalry, and how to be a Knight, so when knighting season came the Squire would be Dubbed a Knight and he would be granted a Squire of his own.

Who would help the knights get ready before battle?

The knights squire would help him get on his armour and mount his horse, the Squire was also expected to go in aid of his Knight if he fell of his horse or was wounded in battle.

What types of things did a knight do to the affections of a lady in the feudal court?

they would challenge the person not the lady to a battle.

What types of things did a knight do to win the affections of a lady win a feudal court?

they would challenge the person not the lady to a battle.

What would a knight do in battle?

Protect the King at all cost.

Who would win in a battle Meta night or Kirby?

Meta Knight.

What did a squrie do for the knight?

A squire served as a knight's apprentice, assisting with tasks such as caring for the knight's armor and weapons, accompanying the knight into battle, and learning the skills necessary to become a knight.

What did the knight wear during battle?

The night would were his stereotypical armour and ride a horse

Who is awesomer Eric cartman or Meta Knight?

If they were to both engage in battle, Meta Knight would win in less than 5 seconds. But as far as comedy wise... Cartman would be better. overall... Meta knight

What is a knights apprentice?

A knight's apprentice, also known as a squire, is a young man training to become a knight. They assist the knight in their duties, learn about chivalry and combat, and eventually undergo a ceremony to become fully recognized as a knight themselves.

What would a knight hate to forget to bring to battle?

sword, helmet, shield, horse, armor

What would a knight hate to forget to bring into battle?

Horse Shield Armor Helmet Sword