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What is the national airline of Australia?


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November 08, 2011 7:49PM

The national airline of Australia is Qantas, spelt with out a "u", originally an acronym for Queensland and Northern Territories Aerial Services.

In 1934, QANTAS Limited and Britain's Imperial Airways, forerunner of British Airways, formed a new company, Qantas Empire Airways Limited. After the war, QEA experienced severe financial losses, and the airline was taken over by the government under Labor Prime Minister Ben Chifley. In 1967, the name was changed to Qantas Airways Limited.

QANTAS, the recognised Australian National Airline, is predominantly government owned and began life as a Mail Run airline from Queensland to the Northern Territory. Over the years it has taken over other Australian Airlines such as TAA (Trans Australian Airlines).

A national airline (but not 'the' national airline of Australia) is Virgin, a UK based (Richard Branson) airline that co-exists in Australia along with QANTAS and a few regional/domestic Airlines.