What is the natural form of uranium?


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Uranium is extracted as U3O8, an oxide known as yellowcake.

Uranium may also be present in water as the UO22+ uranyl cation.

Most uranium is U-238, which has a half-life of 4.5 billion years.


Uranium has about 200 minerals. See for some examples:

The yellowcake is the ammonium diuranate (NH4)2 U2O7 (yellow colour); U3O8 (triuraniumoctaoxyde) is black.

Uranium is a chemical element, natural, radioactive, solid, metal.

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Reactors can use natural or enriched (low) uranium.The chemical form may be now uranium dioxide or uranium carbide.

Uranium-235 is not added to natural uranium, it is extracted from natural uranium by a process called enrichment.

Natural uranium contain 0,7204 % uranium 235.

Yes, uranium is a natural resource.

Yes, uranium is a natural but radioactive element.

No, Uranium is a natural resource,

Uranium 235 is 0.7 percent of natural uranium and is fissile

235U is a natural isotope of uranium; the concentration in the natural uranium is ca. 0,7 %.

Natural uranium has approx. 0,7 % 235U; uranium with more than 0,7 % 235U is an enriched uranium.

plutonium can only form from uranium in a nuclear reactor. since the last natural reactors on earth shut down about 3 billion years ago (oklo) it can't happen naturally now.

- natural isotopes or artificial isotopes of uranium - natural uranium, depleted uranium or enriched uranium - uranium alpha, beta or gamma etc.

Energy, in the form of oil, gas, electricity, and uranium.

Uranium is a natural, radioactive metal.

No, uranium is a natural chemical element.

Natural uranium don't get hot.

Uranium-235 (natural) and uranium-233 (artificial).

Uranium is extracted from mines, from uranium ores.

Uranium is a possible polluting agent of the natural environment.

Concentration of 238U in natural uranium: 99,2742 % Concentration of 235U in natural uranium: 0,7204 % The ratio 238U/235U is 137,804.

The effect of uranium on skin depends from: chemical form (fluoride, metal, nitrate, etc.), physical form (solid, liquid-solution, gas), quantity, time of contact, particles dimensions, etc. Uranium metal (natural isotopic composition) in bulk form is not so dangerous.

Depleted uranium is approx. 60% less radioactive than an equivalent mass of natural uranium.

Isotopes Uranium 235 and uranium 238 are only natural isotopes of the element uranium.

Approx. 0,7 % uranium 235 in natural uranium.

Uranium is not a rock; uranium is a natural chemical element, a metal.

Uranium is a natural chemical element, metal, solid, toxic, radioactive. Natural uranium has three isotopes: 235U, 234U, 238U and also many artificial isotopes. Uranium can be natural, depleted or enriched; natural or irradiated; as metal or in alloys or compounds.

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