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Uranium is extracted as U3O8, an oxide known as yellowcake.

Uranium may also be present in water as the UO22+ uranyl cation.

Most uranium is U-238, which has a half-life of 4.5 billion years.


Uranium has about 200 minerals. See for some examples:

The yellowcake is the ammonium diuranate (NH4)2 U2O7 (yellow colour); U3O8 (triuraniumoctaoxyde) is black.

Uranium is a chemical element, natural, radioactive, solid, metal.

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Q: What is the natural form of uranium?
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What is uranium 235 when added to natural uranium?

Uranium-235 is not added to natural uranium, it is extracted from natural uranium by a process called enrichment.

What is the percent of the isotope uranium-235 in natural uranium?

Natural uranium contain 0,7204 % uranium 235.

Is uranium a natural resource?

Yes, uranium is a natural resource.

Which Uranium is used to produce fuel for?

Reactors can use natural or enriched (low) uranium.The chemical form may be now uranium dioxide or uranium carbide.

Is uranium a natural element?

Yes, uranium is a natural but radioactive element.

Is uranium a capital human or natural resource?

No, Uranium is a natural resource,

What is uranium - 235 when added to natural uranium?

Natural uranium has approx. 0,7 % 235U; uranium with more than 0,7 % 235U is an enriched uranium.

Where can you find uranium 235?

235U is a natural isotope of uranium; the concentration in the natural uranium is ca. 0,7 %.

What uranium isotope is only 0.7 of natural uranium and is the fissile part?

Uranium 235 is 0.7 percent of natural uranium and is fissile

How the plutonium is form by natural uranium?

plutonium can only form from uranium in a nuclear reactor. since the last natural reactors on earth shut down about 3 billion years ago (oklo) it can't happen naturally now.

Name any two kinds of uranium?

- natural isotopes or artificial isotopes of uranium - natural uranium, depleted uranium or enriched uranium - uranium alpha, beta or gamma etc.

Is uranium synthetic?

No, uranium is a natural chemical element.

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