What is the nclex test?

Updated: 10/10/2023
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National Council Licensure EXamination--it is the national test for nurses.

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the nclex is the test used to determine if a student is strong enough in medical knowledge to become either a licenced practitioner nurse or a registered nurse.

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Q: What is the nclex test?
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i have a associetes degree can i do a nclex exame?

Yes, you can take a nclex exam with an associates degree, if it is in nursing. Because it is the licensing test for nursing.

Where can I find a RN practice test?

You can find free practice test for RN at,

What does NCLEX stand for?

NCLEX stands for "National Council Licensure Examination"; it is a test that is taken by Americans who want to be registered nurses. (Other countries have different names for their licensure exams.)

How could one pass NCLEX examinations?

To pass the NCLEX examinations you will need to study, there are prep test to help you practice and it is best to use more the one source for review information.

When was NCLEX created?

NCLEX was created in 1994.

About the NCLEX?

If you want to become a licensed nurse, you must take the NCLEX, which stands for Nurse Council Licensure Examination. Currently, there are two versions of the NCLEX: the NCLEX-PN and the NCLEX-RN. NCSBN (National Council of State Boards of Nursing), which is a non-profit corporation, created and currently administers the official NCLEX tests.Registered nurses are required to pass the NCLEX-RN, while vocational or practical nurses must pass the NCLEX-PN. The purpose of this exam is to gauge the knowledge, skills, and abilities that are related to the practice of nursing of the students.NCSBN designed the NCLEX to see whether students could taking critically, so this test is not based on the memorization of facts. Currently, the NCLEX is heavily testing students on their infection control skills and if they are capable of prioritizing and delegating.As of 2010, the NCLEX is focusing a lot on prioritization as well as infection control. The test has questions that are based on memorization, application, analysis, and knowledge, so you must really know the material to pass this exam. Most of the exam compromises of multiple choice questions. However, some questions may require you to mathematically calculate the answer, fill in the blank, or arrange a few steps in order.Benefits of the NCLEXObviously, the main advantage of NCLEX is nurse certification. If you don't pass the test, you won't be able to become certified. By doing well on the NCLEX, you'll have a better chance of getting a good nursing position that pays well, even if you don't have much experience as a nurse.The NCLEX takes five to six hours, depending on whether you're taking the PN or RN. After two weeks to a month, you will receive your results in the mail. You will only receive your score if you passed the NCLEX, but if you failed the NCLEX, you will receive a detailed results sheet.If you failed the NCLEX, you'll probably want to take it again in the future. Before you can apply to take the NCLEX again, you must wait three months. To register for the NCLEX, you must pay $200, and $150 for the Additional International Scheduling Fee. As you can see, you should vouch to take the NCLEX as little times as possible due to the cost.Check out if you want to learn more about the NCLEX exam. There, you can also register for testing to become a licensed nurse.

How to Pass the NCLEX?

Many students take the NCLEX multiple times before they finally pass. Each time you take the NCLEX, you must pay a fee of $200, so you probably won't be able to afford failing too many times. Every time you take the NCLEX, you should prepare as if you can only take the NCLEX once. Doing so will save you time, effort, and most definitely money as well.Pay Attention in Nursing SchoolThe best way to ensure that you pass the NCLEX is by paying attention in nursing school. All the material on the NCLEX should be things you've learned in nursing school. If you pay attention at all times in nursing school and learn the material the first time around, you shouldn't have a very difficult time with the NCLEX.Prep Test and CoursesIf you really want to pass the NCLEX, you should order NCLEX practice tests and sign up for NCLEX prep courses. The courses will cover the material on the NCLEX tests, and the practice tests will help you get familiar with the types of questions you'll be seeing on the test.Strengthen Your WeaknessesPinpoint all of your weaknesses and really work on them until they become your strengths. It may take some time for you to understand these concepts, however if you look at them from different viewpoints, you should eventually understand them. If you're clear on all medical concepts, you'll have an excellent chance of passing the NCLEX.Take the NCLEX EarlyAlthough you may be sick and tired of studying and test-taking, take the NCLEX as soon as you graduate from nursing school, since the knowledge will still be fresh in your head. If you wait to take the NCLEX, your skills and knowledge will get rusty, so you'll have to study and refresh your knowledge even more. Your school should help you with registering for the NCLEX.Increase Your StaminaThe NCLEX is 256 questions long, so you will have to sit down and think for a long time if you want to pass the test. Chances are, you've never taken a test that long before, so you'll want to build up your test-taking stamina. Before you take the NCLEX, try and answer 200 to 300 questions in one sitting to prepare for the NCLEX.Visit for more information on exactly how to pass the NCLEX exam, so you can finally become a certified nurse.

What is the difference between state board for nursing and the nclex?

The NCLEX (National Councel Licensing EXamintation) is the test given by the group given the authority to create a standardized test for examination of potential nurses. The state board of nursing is a group particular to each state who has the authority to grant or deny a license to practice nursing in a given state, among other things. Basically, the NCLEX is the test. The State Board of Nursing will decide whether you are fit to be licensed as a nurse using those test results and any other criteria such as your educational program, criminal background check, etc.

What companies offer good NCLEX-PN prep? has a prep test to help you. they have some other helpful info too.

With a associate's degree can i do a nclex exam?

In order to take the NCLEX your have to successfully complete a nursing program from an accredited school.In order to take the NCLEX your have to successfully complete a nursing program from an accredited school.In order to take the NCLEX your have to successfully complete a nursing program from an accredited school.In order to take the NCLEX your have to successfully complete a nursing program from an accredited school.In order to take the NCLEX your have to successfully complete a nursing program from an accredited school.In order to take the NCLEX your have to successfully complete a nursing program from an accredited school.

Does Texas require nurses to pass the NCLEX?

Yes. The NCLEX is required for nursing licensure in all states.

If you take your nclex exam in ny is it valid in ca?

When you register for the NCLEX exam, you indicate on your registration which state you are trying to get licensure for. This state then needs to provide your authorization to test. You can take the NCLEX anywhere, and you will get the license for whatever state you put on your registration form. If you are getting a NY state license however, it is not valid in California, only in NY. You need to get your license endorsed over to California through their state board of nursing.