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Kansas and Nebraska both have nuclear plants, also Arizona and Texas.

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Q: What is the nearest state to Colorado with nuclear power?
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What state has the least nuclear power plant?

In the US there are many states that have no nuclear plants, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and so on. (I am talking about nuclear power plants, not research facilities). See the NRC website for maps and details.

Which US state is nearest to Alberta Canada?

Denver Colorado

What state does not have any nuclear power plants?

There are many states without nuclear power plants, mainly in the West, like Colorado, Nevada, Utah. See the link below for a map showing where the plants are and which states are blank.

Is japan isa member of Nuclear power state?

Japan has nuclear power plants but no nuclear weapons

Are there any nuclear power plants in Montana?

No. As of 2012, there are no nuclear power plants located in the state of Montana.

A state government is trying to decide between using windmills or a nuclear power plant. What advantage does nuclear power have over wind power?

Nuclear Power can be used in any weather conditions

Which state has the most nuclear power plants?


Where are the nuclear power plants in the state of Vermont?

There is only one nuclear power plant in Vermont, which is the Vermont Yankee plant in Vernon. Vernon is in the southeast corner of the state.

Which state in the US has the most nuclear power plants?


How many nuclear power stations are there wakasa bay?

Which country/state is it in?

Is UK a nuclear state?

Yes, both in power generation and weapons.

What state uses the least nuclear energy?

Australia, New Zealand, and Italy use zero nuclear power

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