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Q: What is the necklace you put round your head called?
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What song has put your head down put your head down for now at the end?

right round by flo rida because it say you spin my head right round right round when you go down thank you i hope you enjoy it

What is the love necklace?

Back in the 1900's, a heart shaped necklace was found by a young girl in the bottom of an old trunk. She admired the necklace and thought it was beautiful, so she put it on. She gently touched the heart necklace and that's when things got strange. She fell in love with completely random and out of the ordinary objects. To this day, the so called "love necklace" still appears and the curse will live on until someone destroys the love necklace. If you ever find this necklace, DON'T put it on, no matter what.

My hamster has a lopsided head how and why did it happen and what can i do about it?

Put a helmet on it and it will form a round skull. Kind of like braces.

What is it called when you put someones head in a toilet and flush it?

it is called a swirley

Where did demi get her purity necklace?

It is a purity ring she just put it on a chain and wears it as a necklace. -SAra

How can you protect your notebook?

You can print out a fake book cover to go over it or put a necklace chain and a padlock round and through the binding or booby trap it with a practical joke or a stinkbomb or something.

How do you beat level 2 on primate pileup?

put two pointy heads next to each other then put one on top then put the round one in the middle and the pointy head on top should fall then put the other circle on the tip of the pointy head to the right then put the big one on top then the pointy head on top

What is the meaning of my dream i dream somebody put a necklace on my neck?

i dont know? you're gonna get a necklace?

What is a hogs tooth?

its a necklace which has a thread put through a hole drilled in round taken from a 7.62*51mm NATO cartridge (standard round for most us marine sniper rifles) (commercially a .308 winchester). its presented to us marines snipers on graduation from scout sniper school, thus becoming a HOG (hunter of gunmen). the philosophy is that there is a round meant for you and the hogs tooth represents that round and by wearing that necklace, the sniper assures himself that he has control over the round that is meant for him. the necklace (hogs tooth) actually represents the round which is in the chamber of the enemy's gun zeroing in at the sniper and right before the enemy could fire, the sniper fires and takes the enemy out. after that, if possible (given the battle scenario), the sniper would go down range, get hold of that enemy's rifle and eject that round which the enemy was about to fire, and then keep that round as a symbol that he has control over the round which is meant for him. (probably the round that has been recovered from the enemy's rifle is HOG's TOOTH in true sense of the phrase). i hope i have been to put it as clearly as i know it.

What is it called when you put a towel on your head with your wet hair so it can dry?

It's called wrapping a towel around your head to dry your hair.

Should you put your power necklace int he freezer?


What is the sport called where you have many balls and who can throw the ferthast?

shot put (round ball) or hammer (Round ball attached by wire to handle)