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What is the net worth of Dick Cheney?


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I can only give you a partial answer. I have been looking into the issue of Cheney's wealth recently. I have read several accounts that claim he has upwards of $150 million dollars. This month, Dick Cheney was indicted in Texas for criminal racketeering relating to an alleged Cheney order to cover up the truth behind the deaths of prisoners in Texas prisons owned by a company Cheney partially owns. The company, named Vanguard, would be out millions of dollars in tort lawsuits from dead prisoners's families if wrongdoing by Vanguard was found to have been a cause of the deaths. So the prosecutor says he has proof Cheney ordered an end to the investigation, in order to prevent reduction of his own profits. The prosecutors says he has proof that Cheney owns $85 million in stock in Vanguard! If true, this would be a powerful incentive for Cheney to order a cover up. And, if true, it would mean that Cheney has far more hidden wealth than the public has been led to believe, if he is wealthy enough to have $85 million in srtock inonly one of the companies he invests in. Right now Republicans in Texas are furiously trying to get a judge to block the indictment of Cheney, because if his intricate financial dealings are revealed to the public, then the true criminal nature of Cheney and, by implication, George Bush, would come to light. Then more indictments would follow after January 20th, 2009, when Bush and Cheney slither out of the White House. Remember that, in court, if you are asked a question, any question, you must answer it or take the Fifth Amendment. The last thing Cheney wants is an open-ended prosecution relating to his vast financial holdings. Even if the evidence on THIS case cannot support a conviction, or if a politically motivated Republican juror votes 'not guilty' and causes a hung jury, the information uncovered in court could still be used in any future prosecution of Cheney.