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Starting money in the game monopoly

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Q: What is the new monopoly piece?
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What is the most popular monopoly game piece?

It is my personal experience that in the original monopoly, the money bag is the most popular piece. There are different opinions but most people wan to to the money bag. In the new electronic banking, the Altoids is the most popular piece.

What is the name of a red monopoly piece?


Does anyone have the Boardwalk monopoly game piece from MacDonald's?

I do :)

What is the favorite monopoly game piece?

Car no its the dog

Is it dangerous to swallow a monopoly piece?

Yes, you can choke.

An example of firm which is monopoly?

hey can 't you give us an answer for firms in a market monopoly.? piece of junk. hahahaha

What monopoly game piece had for a good girl engraved on it?

the thimble

What monopoly piece was joted to replace the iron?

Monopoly had a voting contest and a cat won, replacing the iron. Thank u

Is monopoly city a new game?

im not sure of monopoly city but i know monopoly millionaire is a new game. it comes on t.v advertisements.

What are the modern monopoly pieces?

a dog piece, a hat piece, a boat piece, a thimble piece, a wheel barrow, an iron and they put a speed dice in this year

How are the metal pieces in monopoly made?

First, they pour melted metal in a mold then harden it. The piece comes out then goes into your favorite Monopoly game!

Is there a metal monopoly man game piece?

No, But that's a good suggestion to the people who made the monopoly game or the company. Thanks for asking this Question.

Does anybody have McDonald's Monopoly million dollar game piece 341 because I have 342 and am willing to share the winnings?

I have piece 341

Was there ever a plane monopoly piece?

yes there is a here and now series and there was a airplane in the series

Is monopoly here and now edition any different to the traditional monopoly?

No they are all the same no matter what addition of monopoly you get the rules are all the same .The only difference would be the game piece's, names of the places on the board or the money.

Where is the boardwalk from Monopoly?

Atlantic city New Jersey

What state did monopoly name its streets after?

New Jersey

What city were the properties in the game Monopoly named after?

Atlantic City, New Jersey is the city the properties in Monopoly are named after.

What is the value of nascar edition monopoly game?

A new unopened NASCAR Monopoly game is worth an estimated $31.99.

What is the most recent piece added to the monopoly game?

The most recent pieces added were the bag of money and the train. They were both introduced in 1995, but have been discontinued except in Deluxe Monopoly.

Is monopoly based on New York?

No, Atlantic City, NJ.

What is the state monopoly is based on?

Atlantic City, New Jersey

What city is monopoly modeled after?

new york because 1900 rockefeller/ carnegie monopoly systems This is a different person. It's actually modeled after Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Monopoly was created in what country?

It was created in Atlantic City (Monopoly features the street names of Atlantic City), New Jersey, USA

What is the setting to monopoly?

Monopoly is a board game that highlights the lunacy of Capitalism; it's properties are--or were-- popular New England icons in their day.