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One featuring Arceus,Giratina,Dialga and palkia.

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Q: What is the next Pokemon movie?
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When will the new Pokemon movie come out in the US?

the next Pokemon movie will not be released in the us!!! wat a rippoff!!!!

When is the next Arceus Pokemon Event?

12th Pokemon movie in 2010

When is the next Pokemon soul silver wifi event?

don't know, but most likely when the next Pokemon movie comes out

Questions with 'When will the next Pokemon movie come out it already came out 2007 for Japan'?

The next movie coming out is Risse of Darkrai.

When is the next event for Pokemon Pearl?

Probably at/after the next movie comes out. The movie is called Girataina and the Sky Bouquet, hinting that the legendary Pokemon Shaymin will make an appearance, and that the event will also be for Shaymin. The movie comes out in Japan July 2008

How do you catch Celebi on Pokemon soul silver?

in ilex forest by special event from the next Pokemon movie event.

When does Pokemon the movie black show?

sometime in December either this year or next year. :)

When does th celebi event come out for Pokemon soul silve in the US?

Probably the next year, when the new Pokemon movie is available in the US.

What is the name of the next Pokemon movie?

Zoroark: The Master of Illusion. It's coming out February 2011 (Info: 13th Movie)

Is there going to be another Pokemon event and if so when?

the next event is the arceus event the day Pokemon 12 the movie comes out. you know the one about arceus.

When is the next Nintendo event 2009?

it's a Giratina movie/ Pokemon platinum (mascot:Giratina) 8-D

What rare Pokemon are in Pokemon Platinum?

There are some Pokemon that you can catch only in platinum like darkrai giratina and when the next Pokemon movie comes out you can get arceus put onto your game. You can also get cresselia and dialga and palkia

Is Ruler of Illusions Zoroark going to be the next Pokemon movie?

Yes, Pokemon Zoroark Master of Illusions premiers tonight (February 5th 2011) on Cartoon Network.

When will the next Pokemon movie come out?

Zoroark: The Master of Illusion. It's coming out February 2011

What is the next Pokemon movie called?

Zoroark: The Master of Illusion. It's coming out February 2011

Pokemon Diamond when is the next Nintendo event?

The next Pokemon diamond/pearl event is the event of Darkrai, and it will be released sometime after the movie "The rise of Darkrai" premiers on CartoonNetwork on Feb.24th.when though i wanna know

How do you get arcea on Pokemon Platinum?

arceus will be given away on a Pokemon event sometime this year or begining of next year. prolly this year with the release fo the Pokemon movie i know were getting him before the release of Pokemon soul silver andheart gold

What is going to be the next Pokemon series?

Pokemon Platinum is next to be released.

What is an Arceus?

a legendary Pokemon that is supposedely the god of Pokemon who in some next movie will try to take back what he has created. and he had created the hoenn region, the legendary Pokemon palkia and dialga, and also the three lake Pokemon mesprit,azelf,and uxie.

When is the next special event for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl in America?

I believe the next event will be the Pikachu colored Pichu in June 2009 for the new game coming out, Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Also, there should be an Arceus event for the new Pokemon movie with Arceus.

When are the next event's on Pokemon White?

there will be a next event on pokemon black and white

What is the movie after Pokemon 2000?

Pokemon the movie 3

What is the 12 Pokemon movie called?

The Pokemon Movie 12 movie is called......... Pokemon Movie 12: Arceus - To the conquering of Space time

When will the next Pokemon game come out?

the next Pokemon game will come out in spring 2011 and will be called Pokemon black and white

Can you give the next date for the next Pokemon day?

4005 happy Pokemon day