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The island after Super Power Island was Spy Island.

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he is in the super hero store next to the 1st store u c when u come in to the island

Soon Spy Island will come out So far the islands are: .Shark Tooth .Early Poptropica .Super Power Island .Time Tangled Island the next island is Spy Island's eather next week or the first week of August

If your talking about the one on super power island than it's right next to the newsepapper the "DAILY BUGLE".

you have to talk to the warden (all the way to the left of the island, where the jail is) and the scientist (right next to the warden). they will give you the villian's profiles and the anti-super power cuffs.

To get to the prison you just have to pass all the water that is next to the sign that said "super power island" and you also need the the super hero I.D. to get pass the police at the prison.

If you are asking what island is next on Poptropica, I believe it is Reality TV Island.

You go to the hotdog stand in the city park next to the dry fountain. Then talk to the hotdog man. He will give you a hotdog.

A meteor hits super power island freeing the criminals from jail and giving them super powers, only a true superhero can save the day. The family education network said it will be realeased in mid July of 2008. It should be there by next week or so.

its spy island if you log on or join its already out

There are many islands of poptropica

The next island migh be a tropical island in the sneak peaks.

On the Poptropica blog, I think they say the next island is Pop Island ***ALOS ANSWER!!*** There is no pop island as you can plainly see so

You have to go all the way to the back of the subway and jump when Speeding Spike runs to you. He will pop his head of and run to the next car.

The next villain is Speeding Spike in the subway tunnel. (see related question)

The newest island on Poptropica is Red Dragon which is opening soon. (I have no idea when, sorry!)

The next island poptropica says is about ghosts

it might be criptids island no one knows

The next island will be counterfeit and this island will come out on the fourth of January 2010.

When you finish poptropica just wait for the next island to come then you are not finished

you complete quests and earn medals then go on to the next island

the crab on steamworks island is next to the living quarters

Vampire's curse is the most recent island.