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Habitat - Most common in big rivers and streams. Prefers some current, and deep water with sand, gravel or rubble bottoms. Channel catfish also inhabit lakes, reservoirs and ponds. They adapt well in standing water where stocked.

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Habitat and niche are two different things. Habitat is where the organism lives. Niche is the organism's role it plays in it's habitat.

The difference between a habitat and a niche is that a habitat is where organisms live and a niche is an organism in the ecosystem

diffrent between a habitat and a niche

how does an anima's habitat differs from its niche

examples of organism and there habitat and niche

the habitat is where the animal lives and the niche is the function that the animal has in its habitat

A habitat is different from a niche is that a habitat is a home where animals live at and a niche is a place where animals could live and have enough food

In ecology, a niche refers to the role of an organism in an ecosystem. It determines its habitat because an organism's habitat is one of the components of its niche.

A habitat is the physical place that an organism lives on then planet. A niche is the unique location of the organism. A habitat can help to define a niche but cannot fully describe it.

The roadrunner has a desert habitat. Its niche is the place it holds in that habitat. The roadrunner's niche in its habitat is as a consumer. The roadrunner is an omnivore living on snakes and plants.

no they do not have the same niche but same habitat, so what?

It is important to know the niche of animals being studied. A catfishes niche is usually big rivers and streams.

the niche of an organism is it's role or lifestyle. what it's purpose is in it's habitat. dont get habitat and niche mixed up.

Examples of niches and habitats:A giraffe's niche is feeding on the canopy on trees, and its habitat is the Savannah.A squirrel's niche is eating acorns, and its habitat is the forest.A bee's niche is making honey, pollinating flowers, and drinking nectar, and its habitat is a forest or a field.

Habitat is the place that the animal lives in niche is that creatures spot in society

a niche is a very small area. and a habitat is a lot bigger place

A niche is a job while a habitat is a place an animal calls home.

A habitat is where an animal lives, while a niche is its role or job in the environment.

the habitat is where it lives and its niche is its specific role in the community

the difference between them is that a habitat is the area of the organism an a niche is the function of that organism

uhhh...I think its habitat and niche both involve organisms to survive

The habitat is where the 'Organism' lives naturally, a niche is any place that animal can survive.

Relevant answers: What is a desert roadrunners niche in its habitat?A roadrunner's niche is to eat rattlesnakes. What is the niche of a desert roadrunner?The roadrunner has a desert habitat. Its niche is the place it holds in that habitat What is the niche of each animal in the desert?That is classified information right now!.Where is a desert in the desert?after heavy rain. . Some of the larger deserts are the Great Victoria Desert, the Gibson Desert, the Tanami What is the difference between the niche and the habitat of a desert roadrunner?A habitat is the place where an animal lives.The desert roadrunner's habitat is the desert.A niche

A habitat is where a animal or animals live, A niche has its habitat, it's food, it's predator and the organisms with which it competes with.

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