Lyndon B. Johnson

What is the nickname of Lyndon B. Johnson?



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* "Landslide Lyndon," Sarcastic reference to the hotly-disputed 87-vote win that took him to the Senate in 1949 * "Light-Bulb Lyndon," Nicknamed so because he hated wasting electricity, and would often storm around the White House shutting off unnecessary lights. * "LBJ," He liked to be known by this abbreviation, which was used in the slogan, "All the way with LBJ" Coincidentally, when he married Claudia Taylor, who had been nicknamed Lady Bird since infancy, her initials also became L.B.J. Their two daughters Lynda Bird and Luci Baines shared the initials, and he even called his dog "Little Beagle Johnson". * "Uncle Cornpone," Derogatory reference to him as an older man from the rural South.