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if you mean about the coolant temperature is about 196- 198 they run hot but is it over heat they do that about 225 hope this can help

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โˆ™ 2008-03-03 04:25:34
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Q: What is the normal operating temperature of a 94 sls?
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Is a human temperature of 94 degrees normal?

No, it is not.

Is 94 degrees a normal body temperature?

no 98.6F is

Does a 94 Cadillac sts engine fit in a 94 Cadillac sls body?

Yes. The engines are both V8 northstar engines, the one in the SLS is just a different version with less horsepower and more torque.

What could be wrong if cat's body temperature is 94?

If your cat's temperature is 94, take it to the vet immediately! The normal temperature for a cat is 101-102. Many things can cause a low temperature like that, but that it is a dangerously low temperature!

What is the normal temperature for a 94 s10 blazer with a 4.3 motor?

195 degrees F

What is the normal engine temperature of a 1994 Pontiac Grand Am?

I not sure what the normal temp is but I had a 94 grand am and it ran around 160 most of the time.

What is the oil pressure range for a 94 Yukon with a stock 350?

6 psi when it is at normal operating temp. seems wierd but its spec.

How do you change a water pump housing in a 94 cadillac sls?

go to your local parts house and buy a book that shows how to do it

What is code 29 mean on a 94 Cadillac SLS?

It means you poo your pants 1 million times while eating harrybos.

Is 94 degree f normal body temperature during sleep?

You don't normally want a body temp under 96.9 the normal ranges are 96.9 to 99.9 degrees F

Is 96 degrees ok for body temperature?

98.6 is the normal body temperature. 96 might be a little cool, but nothing to worry about. If it gets below 94 start taking precautions.

Where is the starter located on a 1997 Cadillac sts Seville?

If it is the same as the '94 SLS Northstar, Its under the intake manifold. Sounds crazy, but true.

What are the differences between a 94 Seville SLS and a STS?

The Cadillac SLS has a 275 bhp NorthStar v8. It comes with smaller wheel/tire package and less STANDARD options.If you look at them from the side you'll see the SLS usually has a large "Door Protector" Molding down the side that wraps into the bumper and the STS does not. The STS has a large ground effect front and rear bumper and minimal to no body side molding. The STS came with more bells and whistles in 94 like the combined Audio and climate control stack in the center that an SLS may or may not have depending on date of manufacture. Hope that helped Dave H SLS IS SEVILLE LUXURY SEDAN STS IS SEVILLE TOURING SEDAN PAUL G

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How do you put on a serpentine belt for a 94 cadillac sls?

should be diagram under hood some where or check auto parts stores online a lot of them have that info available

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Before you get worried, I would not. Average body temperature is between 97-98 degrees F. not everyone's normal body temperature is 98.6, it is just considered the most average of all temperatures. This is merely half a degree lower. Now, if your body temperature is lower than 94 or so, then this is a time to get worried and consult a doctor. something will most likely be wrong.

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94 Cheyenne with a straight 6 not V6 normal or strange If normal what mods are available for performance and where can you buy?


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What fuse controls the temperature gauge in a 94 ford explorer?

no fuse.

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