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Q: What is the normal pH levels for tissue fluids in the body?
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What are buffer and why are they important to life?

A buffer is a chemical or a combination of chemicals the keep the pH levels within normal limits. Buffers assist in maintaining normal pH levels in body fluids

Why do you need bicarbonates in your body?

The bicarbonate ion acts as a buffer to maintain the normal levels of acidity (pH) in blood and other fluids in the body.

Does body tissue transmit HIV?

what 3 fluids transmit the hiv virus? saliva, blood, genital fluids

Become part of the body's bones cells fluids and tissue?


What are normal co2 levels in the body?

What are normal CO2 levels in the human bod

What is lean body mass?

Your lean body mass consists of everything that is notfat:Muscle and organ tissue (but not fat tissue)BonesWater, blood and other body fluids

How does the hemoglobin-oxyhemoglobin buffer system help maintain the pH of body fluids?

Hemoglobin oxyhemoglobin is one of the main sources of extracellular fluids for the pH of body fluids. It helps with the protein of the body. It is needed for pH levels.

What is the first of five levels of organization in living things?

The five levels of organization of a living body beginning with cells are cell tissue organs organ tissue a living body

Does Sodium and potassium help balance fluids?

They help balance the pH levels of fluids in your body, if that is what you mean. Potassium especially, I think.

Is it normal for the fluids to drain out when you stand up after sex?

Yes, you should expect your body to expell those fluids after sex.

What two features does scar tissue lack that normal tissue have?

Scar tissue differs from normal body tissues in that it lacks hair follicles and melanocytes which produce pigment.

What is soft tissue prominence?

Soft tissue prominence is the growth of soft tissue that is undefined. Such tissue is not related to the structure of the body or a normal organ.