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a Golf ball

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a Golf ball

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Q: What is the normal size of the testis?
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How do you decrease testis size?

In any male animal the testes will grow to an average size during adolescence and that is normal and their size can not be reduced. If however one of your testes (a testis) has recently enlarged, you should go and see a qualified medical practitioner (A Doctor) as soon as possible. This is not normal and can have a variety of causes most of which need treatment.

What is the normal weight of testis rat?


What happen in the testis during puberty?

The testis grow in size during puberty. Also the sperm made by the testis becomes fertile.

Your right testis is smaller than the left one can it affect your fertility?

It is normal for one testicle to be slightly smaller than the other. The difference in size does not affect fertility.

What is the size different between two testis in men?

i dont know but they should get it checked...

How gents will come to know about their puberty?

There is increase in size of the testis. Also there is increase in the penile size. Growth of facial hair.

What will your scrotum look like while going through puberty?

In males, the scrotum holds the testis. In puberty the testis grow in size and so the scrotum also grows bigger.

How do you know when puberty hits?

In girls, the sign is the start of menstruation. In boys its the increase in size of testis.

Your husband has small testicles is that a problem if in try to get pregnant?

No. Size of the penis or testis has nothing to do with fertility.

If you have two different size testis is that a problem?

Not at all. Most men have different size testicles. Some more so than others

What are the differential diagnosis of empty scrotum?

1- Undescended testis 2- Ectopic testis 3- Atrophic testis 4- Retractile testis 5- Surgically removed testis

What are the chances during puberty?

The main change is that the testis become larger in size. In females there is onset of menstruation.