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What is the nose ring?

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The nose ring is the sign of a domestic animal such as a cow. In a human face, the ring was originally the sign of a slave or an odalisque; and today it is a mark of such low self esteem as to constitute a semi-unconscious request to be attached to a rope.

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What nose type is right for a nose ring?

Most noses will look good-nice with a nose ring, except big noses!Greek Nose: too high for a nose ring!Roman Nose: too masculine for a nose ring!Dinarid Nose: too masculine for a nose ring!Armenid Nose: too hooked for a nose ring!Syrid Nose: too curved for a nose ring!Arabid Nose: too long for a nose ring!The above is based on an opinion, so best speak to your professional body piercer for the best feed back in regards to your request.

What is a nose ring retainer?

To hold the nose ring watever

When is nose ring day?

Everyday is nose ring day.

Does Kelly Clarkson have a nose ring?

ya she has a nose ring on her left nostril.

Can you put a ring in a pigs nose?

Yes you can put a ring through a pig's nose.

Does kesha have a nose ring?

yes ke$ha has a nose ring is a hoop with a k on the end of it

Does Elizabeth Gillies have a nose ring?

no i don't think Elizabeth Gillies has a real nose ring

Does rft have a nose ring?

He/she used to have a nose ring until his/her mother enlarged the hole and he/she refused to wear the nose ring ever again. It was a tragic thing that scarred him/her forever!

How do you make a fake nose ring?

You could get a CBR (captive bead ring), like whats used for a normal nose ring and take the ball out of it and widen it to your liking and put it on your nose

Does MileyCyrus have a nose ring?

No Miley Cyrus does not have her nose pierced.

What is the 18g Flower Nose Screw Body Jewelry Nose Piercing Ring made of?

The 18g Flower Nose Screw Body Jewelry Nose Piercing Ring is made of stainless steel.

What is a nosebone nose ring?

a nose bone ring would be the small bar that either has a expanded end or spiral at the end so that it will stay in the nose. not to be mistaken with a septum which is more on the inside of your nose.

Stud nose ring you cant see the metal end of the nose ring inside of your nose you want to take it out but you cant get it out what can you do?

look in a mirrior or if you really have to ask for help

Regarding nose pin or nose ring?

You need to ask a question

Can buy a lip ring to put in your nose as a ring?

yeah you should be able to, as long as the lip ring is the same thickness as the stud you had your nose pierced with, otherwise the ring will not go through. :) hope this helped.

Does it hurt to get a nose ring?

not at all

Can you get your nose pierced with a ring?


Does Jennifer Lawrence have a nose ring?


How do you change a nose piercing?

First you buy a new nose ring. Second you wipe the peircing with piercing cleaner Third you carefully take out the nose ring Fourth you wipe the piercing with more piercing cleaner Fifth you carefully put in the new nose ring.... TADA!!!!

What do you do when nose ring sinks in nose?

Take it out and switch to a wider ring or long bar. Do warm water soaks to reduce the swelling.

What is the religious reason a nose ring is used for?

In the Bible, Isaac presented Rebekah with a nose ring. The ring said more than "Marry me" and also said "I'm rich." In those times, a pierced nose was a sign of royalty.

Should I take out my nose ring before a job interview?

A person should take out their nose ring before a job interview. The best approach is to be conservative, and a nose ring could cause distraction during a job interview.

How do you hide a nose stud?

Get something called a retainer : Its a clear nose ring . : )

Can I use my earring studs in place of a nose ring?

Yes, as long as they are the same size you can interchange earring studs and nose ring studs.

How painful is it to get a nose ring and will it permanently damage my sinuses?

A nose ring should have no effect on your sinuses,the pain is equal to that of having your ears pierced.

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