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there is no limit there can be millions in 1 state

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Q: What is the number of insurance agents by state?
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Why are there so many different insurance agents?

There are a number of various insurance agents because there is a number of various kinds of insurance. For instance, there are insurance agents for life insurance while there are also insurance agents for automobile insurance.

Number of insurance agents in us?

434,800 in 2008

Who control life insurance companies in US?

Each State has a regulatory office over insurance agents, underwriters and companies. Contact your State's Governor's office and they can connect you or give you the right telephone number.

What car insurance companies offer local car insurance agents to handle claims?

There are quite a few car insurance companies that have local car insurance agents. Geico, Progressive, Allstate, State Farm, and Nationwide are just a few of the insurance companies with local agents.

What business has the best home insurance agents?

State Farm has the best home insurance agents, they are are the most responsive. State Farm is also very quick to respond and is usually fair with their claims.

How can you find more information about insurance?

One can find more information about insurance from any insurance agent. Insurance agents work for insurance companies such as Progressive, All State, and State Farm Insurance.

Contact number of state farm auto insurance?

According to the State Farm website customers should contact their local state farm agent's local number. 24 hour support is available from most agents.

How To Find Good Home Insurance Agents?

It is easy to find good home insurance agents if you look at state and local agencies that maintain indexes of home insurance agents. For example, the Maine Insurance Agents Association has been operating for 112 years, and it maintains the most extensive index of personal and business insurance agents in the state. If you need information on who is credible and who is dishonorable in your area, then look no further than a home insurance agents association. These are kind of like networks for independent insurance professionals that aren't affiliated with any particular company. They are a good place to go if you're not sure about your insurance agent.

How is the insurance industry regulated?

The insurance industry has some federal regulations, but the federal govenment cedes most control to the state insurance commissions, each state has one and they regulate a companies and agents in that state and all companies and agents who do business in that state. These commissions are who you would report it to if you suspected a company of illegal actions.

May you name some approved insurance agents in Wichita, KS ?

State Farm Insurance Agent - Lindsey Cutler and State Farm Insurance Agent - Garry Peterson.

What are some of the car insurance agents in Georgia?

State Farm Insurance has many agents in the Atlanta, Georgia area. You can go into their office, or you can get a quote online. You can also call them to get a quote.

How big is state farm insurance?

State Farm Insurance, which has offices in the United States and Canada, has approximately 17,700 agents agents and 343 claim offices. They also have 30 operations centers throughout North America.

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