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3080 = 3.08*103

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Q: What is the number three thousand eighty expressed in scientific notation?
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How do you write eighty thousand in scientific notation?

80,000 = 8.0 × 104

What is the scientific notation for one thousand eighty million kilometers?

It is 1.08*10^9.

How do you write four thousand six hundred eighty in scientific notation?

4.68*10 to the third power

What is two million seven hundred fifty thousand three hundred eighty nine in scientific notation?

2.750389 x 10-6

What is the scientific notation of two million seven hundred and fifty thousand three hundred and eighty nine?

2,700,050,389= 2.700050389x 10 to the 9th power.

How do you write eight hundred eighteen thousand eighty?

Expressed in figures, this is equal to 818,080.

How do you spell 1080?

The numeral 1080 is spelled out "one thousand eighty" or "one thousand and eighty." In some case, for example government forms, the number is expressed as "ten eighty."

How do you write the number 88000?

Eighty eight thousand. or 8.8E4 (engineering notation)

How do you write 10088?

Expressed in words, this is equal to ten thousand and eighty-eight.

How do you spell 1985?

The number 1985 would be "one thousand nine hundred eighty-five."The year 1985 would be expressed as "nineteen eighty-five."

Given number 86 000?

86,000 (eighty-six thousand) is a composite number of even five digits that comes after 85999 and before 86001. It's expressed as 8.6 104 in scientific notation. Its digits add up to 14. It contains eight prime factors and forty positive divisors in all.

How do you write nine hundred and eighty million?

980,000,000.If you mean: ninehundred and eighty million then it is: 980,000,000 or as 9.8*108 in scientific notation