What is the objective of a financial report by a non-profit?

When you think of a "not-profit" organization think of that a largely a taxing status, a designation for tax purposes. The only real differences between non-profits and for-profits is that non-profits can have access to courses of funds (government grants and other funds, foundation and trust funds, etc) which the for for-profits don't. And the non-profit exists for some good cause like provide counseling services or education and training or save the whales or whatever. Bottom line though is that non-profits largely have the same concerns as for-profits. They too need to pay the rent, utilities, pay its employees, insurance, etc. etc. Additionally, non-profits have a board of directors it needs to answer too. This board has the responsibility to ensure the money is being spent to provide the products or services the organization is intended to provide. In order to do that they have to have a budget and hence a financial report to track where the money is coming from and going to so they don't over spend, so they can keep their doors open.