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What is the odd one out snake hen rabbit?

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snake i got that question in my homework conffusing but it makes sence

bye luv vicky 11 years old year 6

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Which is the odd one out rabbit badger otter fox or a hare?

Which is the odd one out rabbit badger otter fox or hare

What is the odd one hen hare duck goose turkey?

Hare. A hare is much like a large rabbit. The rest are fouls (edible birds)

How do you make a food web with snake grass rabbit and leopard?

At the bottom would be the grass, and above it would be the rabbit. An arrow would point from the grass to the rabbit, showing that the rabbit eats the grass. Then the snake and leopard would be above the rabbit, and there would be two arrows pointing away from the rabbit (one toward the snake and one toward the leopard). This shows that the snake and the leopard eat the rabbit. There could also be an arrow pointing from the snake to the leopard (although it is rare for leopards to actually eat snakes, they do have a varied diet and would eat a snake).

What is the odd one out of lizard crocodile snake toad?

Toad is the odd-one out. All the rest are reptiles - a toad is an amphibian.

Which of these is not a mammal whale giraffe dog snake?

Snake is the odd one out. The others suckle their young so are mammals.

Which one is the odd one out rabbit frog butterfly?

Butterfly. They are all animals, but the butterfly has wings and six legs, while the frog and rabbit have no wings and they have four legs.

What does in say on the back of Snake's pic in Animal Crossing Wild World?

"Snake's number one!" Just to be clear Snake is not an actual snake is a jock rabbit.

What is one major similarity between the reproductive organs of the hen and the rabbit?

They contain the uterus(womb),ovaries,vagina and fallopian tube.

What word is the odd one out hamster cat rabbit rat squirrel?

It's the cat because the others are rodents

What food chain might exist in the desert?

Well it depends on the size of the animal. But here is one a big snake eats a jack rabbit then the jack rabbit eats the shrubs

Young one of hen?

The young one of a hen is a chick.

What the young one of a hen called?

A chick is the young one of a hen.

What snake is odd one out viper Cobra python rattlesnake?

Python. The others kill by biting and venom, whilst the Python kills by constriction.

Can i give my evil rabbit straight to the RSPCA?

Yes, you can, but you might want to find someone looking for snake food instead. No one will adopt it.

Which one is older a 'hen ' or an 'egg'?

A hen is older than an egg. *A hen comes from an egg. Either a hen or an egg can be older than one another.

What is the type of snake that has brown diamond patterns but no apparent rattle to its tail and would attack a full grown rabbit?

The only snake that meets your description and is able to eat an adult rabbit would be one of the diamondback rattlesnakes. There is a chance that an older adult may have lost some, or all, of its rattles.

How do you get pets on Howrse?

Go to the equestrian center shop and look in the boxes isle for a rabbit or hen. For the falabella, you must go to the secret market and buy one for 1 pass.

What is the difference between a cock and a hen?

The difference between a cock and a hen, is that one is male and one is female. A cock is a young male and a hen is a female.

What pets did Beatrix Potter have?

Beatrix Potter and her brother had (at one time) a frog, two lizards, water newts, a ring snake, a tortoise and a rabbit.

Will a snake eat a rabbit?

Yes! the snake has a contracted mouth so it can devour a rabbit whole! Fur, eyes, bones, everything!Most tropical snakes can eat rabbits but only if they are very hungry. Snakes that live near rabbits like the Diamondback rattlesnake love rabbits!CAN YOU GIVE ME A TRUST POINT?I WILL GIVE YOU ONE IF YOU GIVE ME ONE. JUST SEND ME A MEESSAGE!

How many syllables are in the word hen?

There is one syllable in the word hen.

What food rhymes with jen?

only one I can think of is hen.... Cornish hen

Which ones even and which ones odd?

The odd one out makes the even one in making the odd and even even one odd until the even ones are odd including the ones that aren't even

Who came first an egg or a hen?

No one really knows. The egg had to be laid by something (hen), but the hen had to be hatched from something (egg.

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