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Q: What is the official language in Marshall Islands?
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What is the official language of the US Virgin Islands?

The official language in the Virgin islands is English

What languages are spoken in the Marshall Islands?

The 2 official languages of the Marshall Islands are:MarshalleseEnglishMarshallese (also called Ebon) is spoken by more than 98% of the population, and English is almost as widely spoken.Marshallese has 2 main dialects:Rālik (western)Ratak (eastern)There is one identified sign language in Majuro, but it is not yet studied. Deaf people tend to use New Zealand Sign Language or no sign language at all.

In which country is the US dollar the official currency?

Marshall Islands, Ecuador, USA

What is the language in the galapagos islands?

The official language of the Galapagos Islands is Spanish. However, due to the tourism industry and the presence of English-speaking visitors, English is also spoken and understood in many places on the islands.

What is the official language of Guyana and is also spoken in the Falkland Islands?

English is the language you're talking about.

Who owns the marshall islands?

The Marshall Islands are an independent country.

What is the population in marshall islands?

Marshall islands population is 63,174

Who is the Ambassador to the US for The Marshall Islands?

Charles Rudolph Paul is the Ambassador to the US for The Marshall Islands.

Which are farther north Solomon islands or the Marshall islands?

the marshall islands

When was Air Marshall Islands created?

Air Marshall Islands was created in 1989.

When was Flag of the Marshall Islands created?

Flag of the Marshall Islands was created in 1979.

What is the motto of Marshall Islands?

Marshall Islands's motto is 'Jepilpilin ke ejukaan'.