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Q: What is the oldest team sport history?
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Most older team in the history of sport?

I would say that the oldest team in the history of modern sport, anyways, would have to be the (now) Chicago Cubs. They formed in 1876 as part of the National League.

Oldest team sport?


What sport is thought to be the oldest sport in olympic history?


What is the oldest major sport in US history?

The oldest major sport in USA history would be baseball. born in the middle of the 19th century. Added to that could be college football, which had its first college vs college in 1868 when Rutgers beat the visiting team from Princeton.

What is History of Philippine Sports?

Basketball is most popular and oldest surviving sport.

When was falconry established?

before written history. oldest field sport know to man

Americas oldest sport?

The oldest sport is baseball in America

Which sport is the oldest in all sports?

I know that it is running. You only have to read Greek history to know it.

What is the oldest animal sport?

I think polo is an oldest animal sport

What is the oldest team in baseball history?

Tie. Braves and Cubs. 1876 to present.

What is the oldest surviving team sport held continually at the modern Olympic games?

i think it would be rugby !

Is water polo the oldest surviving team sport?

No, water polo originated as a form of rugby football played in rivers and lakes in England and Scotland and since rugby originated from football (or soccer) then this is the oldest surviving team sport. Waterpolo was the among the first team sports introduced at the modern Olympic games in 1900

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