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Man-made Structure, not Natural Structure

(from space, you see clouds, continents, and polar ice at the greatest distance)

The question directly refers to the Great Wall of China, which was variously claimed could be seen "from the Moon" or "from outer space", because it is the longest and largest man-made artifact on the surface of the Earth.

The truth is that materials and "thinness" of the Wall make it nearly invisible from Earth orbit unless you know what to look for. Astronauts aboard the International Space Station have had difficulty locating it even in clear weather with powerful binoculars. The fact is, as clearly demonstrated by anyone using Google Map's "satellite view" is that large cities, farms, and airports are just as visible as the Great Wall, which tends to blend in with its surroundings in many sections.

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Q: What is the only natural structure to be seen from outer space?
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