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Q: What is the only omnivore?
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Is a turtle a herbivore or carnivore or omnivore?

omnivore only...

Is a turtle a carnivore a omnivore or a herbivore?

omnivore only...

What is a omnivore herbivore and carnivore?

An omnivore eats plants and animals. It is what we are. A carnivore eats only meat. A herbivore rate only plants.

Which animal is an Arctic omnivore?

The Arctic Ground Squirrel is the only Arctic animal I can think of that is an omnivore.

What is it called when a person eats plants and meat?

Omnivore. Herbivore eats plants only, carnivore eats meat only, omnivore eats all.

Is a Butterfuly an omnivore?

Butterfly's are not a omnivore they are herbivores because butterfly's can't eat meat only plants.

What does onivore mean?

Where did you see the word at? Did you mean omnivore? An omnivore is an animal that is carnivorous and eats ONLY meat!!

What are you if you eat meat vegetables and herbs?

That makes you an omnivore. A vegetarian eats only vegetables, a carnivore eats only meat, while an omnivore can eat both.

An omnivore feeds on?

Lizards only

Is moss an omnivore or herbivore or carnivore?

Moses only get nutrients and water so I would say omnivore or herbivore

Is carnivore an omnivore?

No, a carnivore eats meat only while an omnivore eats eats both plants and meat.

Is a blister beetle an omnivore?

The blister beetle is not an omnivore. Instead it is a herbivores which means that eats only plants and grass.

Can a hyena be justified as an omnivore on the food chain?

The only hyena that is an omnivore is the striped hyena. Otherwise, they are all carnivores.

Can omnivores be carnivores?

No an omnivore cannot be a carnivore... An omnivore is an animal that eats plants fruits things in that area... carnivores eat nothing but meat... therefore an omnivore who eats only herbs plants fruit etc. cannot be and carnivore that eat only meat

What is another noun form of omnivore?

An omnivore is an organism that is neither an herbivore (only eats plants) or carnivore (only eats animals). An omnivore eats both plants and animals. There is not really a synonym for omnivore in this sense of the word. The word omnivore can also describe someone or something that eats a lot or everything. You would call such a person or animal omnivorous. There are synonyms for the word omnivorous such as gluttonous, insatiable, voracious, or rapacious.

What does carnivore herbivore and omnivore meanin science?

carnivore is only meat eating and herbivore is only plant eating and omnivore is plant and meat Carnivor means meat eater, Herbavor means plant eater, and omnivore means both meat and plant eater.

Which reptile is an omnivore?

There are only turtles and tortoises.

Is yak omnivore?

No a yak is a herbivore, It eats only plants.

Is the bearded dragon a herbivore omnivore or carnivore?

A bearded dragon is an omnivore. But some bearded dragons will only eat meat, and some will only eat plants. But the species is mainly omnivores.

What is a carnivore herbivore and omnivore?

A carnivore is an animal that only eats meat. A herbivore eats only plants. An omnivore eats both meat and plants.

What is the difference between a omnivore herbivore and carnivore?

Herbivore eats (digests) only plants, carnivore only (other) animals, and Omnivore (us, rats, pigs) can and will eat anything (omni = everything).

Is a gecko a omnivore?

No, they are insectavores. They only eat insects.

Is a coot an omnivore?

No they only eat plants and insects.

Is gecko a omnivore?

No, they are insectavores. They only eat insects.

Is the goat an omnivore?

no cause they only eat plants :)