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equatorail low

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Q: What is the only truly continuous pressure belt?
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How do you change AC belt in Chevy Avalanche?

If the belt only drives the ac compressor, loosen the compressor mounting bolts to let pressure off of the belt. Remove the belt and put on the new one. Pull the compressor to the side and put enough pressure to tension the belt as you tighten the bolts.

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How do you replace the belt on a Pontiac Montana?

by "the belt" i am assuming you mean the serpetine drive belt. you will need a 15mm (metric) socket and a rachettedrive.i use a breaker bar only because it is longer.apply downward pressure on the nut holding the tension pulley. slide off belt and replace in same fashion...TIP... make a drawing of pulleys and wheels with belt still in place before removing belt it will be easier to follow the correct path of the belt

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Where is adjuster for alternator belt on Ford Expedition?

There is no adjustment . It is a serpentine belt (one continuous belt) that rotates all pulleys for each belt driven component. the tension is adjusted automatically by the tensiometer located at the front of the engine on the passenger side right across from crankshaft pulley. However there are worn belt indicator marks on the side of the tensiometer pulley that tell you if the belt needs replacement. to release tension , use a long ratchet or wrench and turn wrench ,believe counter clock wise, only moderate torque is needed. If not ,turn clockwise. do this when replacing belt or component, such as alternator.

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Can you run your 96 Dodge Caravan without AC Belt?

Only if the ac compressor is the only thing on that belt.

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When serpentine belt breaks will timing be affected?

No. Only the cam belt effects timing.

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