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Anywhere in the United States, you can reach a local operator by dialing 0 (or 0#), or a long distance operator by dialing 00.

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Where is Malibu California US?

Malibu, California, a 27-mile long beach community in Los Angeles County, Malibu High School, a secondary public school in Malibu, California Malibu-Newton Canyon AVA, California wine region in Los Angeles County Malibu, Baja California, a beach in Rosarito Beach Municipality, Baja California Malibu Creek State Park, a state park near Malibu in Calabasas, California For informations about Malibu city, click on the related link.

What is the phone number of the Adamson House in Malibu California?

The phone number of the Adamson House is: 310-456-9497.

Is there a place called Malibu?

yes there is,Malibu beach in California

What country is Malibu in?

Malibu is in California, United States of America

How do you tell if a Chevy Malibu motor is California admissions?

My motor just died in my 1999 chevy malibu and the garage guy told me that since mine was made in California and my vin number started with a J I had to have a 3.1 motor from California to run my car.

Where does Hannah Montana live in California?


Is Malabo a city in California?

Malibu is a city in California.

What is the phone number of the Adamson House Museum in Malibu California?

The phone number of the Adamson House Museum is: 310-456-8432.

What are some attractions at Cliffside Malibu?

Cliffside Malibu is a Rehabilitation center located in California. Some attractions at Cliffside Malibu include the Pacific Ocean and rolling hills of California.

What is the phone number of the Malibu Library in Malibu?

The phone number of the Malibu Library is: 310-456-6438.

Is Malibu a state?

No, California is the state.

What famous beach is in California?


What is Malibu chicken?

a chicken from california

Is Malibu beach in the US?

It is in California.

How do you spell the city of Malibu California in Hebrew?

City of Malibu, California = עיר מליבו קליפורניה

How far is santa Barbara California to Malibu California?

67 miles

Where is Malibu?

Malibu is located in Southern California. Malibu is a very popular tourist area and a great place for many Americans to live.

Where is the Malibu Adamson House Foundation in Malibu California located?

The address of the Malibu Adamson House Foundation is: Po Box 291, Malibu, CA 90265-0291

Where can you meet Lady Gaga?

California ,Malibu

Where is zip code 23402?

It is in Malibu, California.

What city is Jaden Smith in?

Malibu California

Were in California does Miley Cyrus live?


Pacific Coast Academy in California?

Yes, but to be more specific it is in Malibu, California.

Is Malibu in California?

Yes it is in western Los Angeles County of southern California.

Does jaden smith live in Malibu California?

no he lives in Las Angles,California