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Lower future income

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Q: What is the opportunity cost of dropping out of school before your high school graduation?
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What is the opportunity cost of dropping out of school?

Don't drop out of school

Is the high school prom held before or after graduation?

In Kentucky and Indiana the prom is held before graduation.

Where is Bill Gates go to school?

Harvard Before dropping out

Can you take the bar exam before graduation?

No. Law school graduation is required first. After that comes the bar exam.

What is the penalty for dropping out of high school in Tn?

Dropping out means no graduation diploma. No diploma, no jobs except for flipping burgers. If you have dropped out one can always get a G.E.D. which works the same as a HS Diploma in the real world.

Did Einstein graduate high school?

No, he was actually expelled before graduation.

How many teens will be working before highschool graduation?

It is estimated that about 1/3 of all teens will be working before high school graduation. Experts consider that this can be bad for graduation levels because some students work rather than finishing high school.

What percentage of school dropouts wind up in prison?

5% of teens drop out of school before their high school graduation. If you are thinking about dropping out of school, DON'T.

When did albert Einstein graduate from high school?

He didn't he was ex spelled before graduation

How do you fill out graduation invitations?

Thank you for visiting the Graduation Cards Shop! We invite you to browse through our unique and exciting collection of high school graduation announcements, high school graduation invitations and high school graduation cards. Our vast selection of customized, printable and cheap graduation cards include: high school graduation announcements, high school graduation invitations, high school graduation party invitations, high school graduation open house invitations, high school graduation thank you cards, and high school wording ideas, wording verses, and graduation sayings

Is it better to have a graduation party before or after school lets out?

Totally after, or on the same day. Why should you have it before if you haven't graduated yet?!

What was the date of the graduation day in May of 1970?

"Graduation Day" is not set by law. Each school or school system is free to choose its own graduation day as long as the selection doesn't violate any other laws or accrediting body rules. For example, it is illegal to set a high school graduation before April 1 in the state of Rhode Island.