What is the opposite of individualism?

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The opposite of individualism is collectivism.
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What is the opposite of not?

The opposite of not (as a negative) is simply the omission of the word. The opposite of "not something" is usually "is something" -- with the possible addition of modifiers such as definitely or indeed . Or, otherwise stated, the opposite of not is "is." When someone says, "No, it's not" the op ( Full Answer )

What is the opposite of opposite?

The opposite of opposite is same, like or similar. A doublenegative leads to the original identity of the term. So the answeris same or identical.

What is an individual?

Answer . a person who is different... e.g red hair and blonde hair they are different!. people who are brave, and outsanding to other people.... have their own style... they aren't in a heard were they follow one and other!. they stand out, and are leaders!. so be an individual to day!!! (if ( Full Answer )

What is individuality?

Individuality is in every person. Having the ability to make yourown decision and choices comes under this as well. For example: John and 50 others go to a house party the nightbefore an important exam. You decide to go home. The next day, youare wide awake and ready for the exam, whereas John and ( Full Answer )

What is individualism?

Individualism is the moral stance, political philosophy or social outlook that stresses independence and self-reliance. In political philosophy, the individualist theory of government holds that the state should protect the liberty of individuals to act as they wish as long they do not infringe on t ( Full Answer )

What is opposition?

When the Earth is between the Sun and a planet. In such a case, the apparent brightest of a planet is at its highest.

Are you an individual?

Yes, I am an individual.. Everyone is an individual. If we didn't have individuals, nobody would be asking or answering questions like this, here.

What are opposites?

Opposites are two things or concepts that have one or more characteristics that are completely different, to the extent that they are considered the reverse in some way. Words that are nouns or adjectives for opposites are called antonyms. They include concepts such as good and bad, or light and da ( Full Answer )

What is individual management?

Individual management is a comprehensive process which entailsplanning of your personal life. This will start at planning ofgoals and objectives and attempting to fulfil them.

What is the opposite of does?

The opposite of does is "doesn't" (does not). The opposite action of does is "undoes." (*The opposite gender for does , female deer, is bucks .)

Is no the opposite of no?

No. The opposite of no (negative) is normally "yes" (affirmative). ...or, if you're a parent who doesn't want to disappoint a child, it might be "we'll see".

What was Individualism?

The definition of individualism is a belief that the needs of eachperson are more important than the needs of the entire group orsociety. It is when a person does something without any concern forwhat others will think.

What rights do individuals have to be treated as an individual?

For example, it would not be equal treatment to provide two different service users with information about the services available written in English, if one of those service users spoke another language i.e. Somali and could not understand English.

What is the opposite of will?

Won't Opposite of will (v) . disinherit . disown Neglect, pass... The opposite of "will" is "will not" -- which can also be written as "won't."

What is the opposite of or?

For logic diagrams there is AND ... OR .... NOT AND and I guess there is a NOT OR , maybe.. NOT AND means the same as Neither of the items in the list. But that would mean the same as NOT OR , so I'm not sure if there is an exact opposite.

What is the opposite of answer?

The opposite of the noun "answer" would be "question." The opposite of the verb "answer" would be "ask." From the meaning of answer as a solution , the opposite would be the lack of a solution. The opposite of the verb form meaning to respond would be to ignore. (It has more than ( Full Answer )

What is the opposite of an opposite in math?

The additive opposite of a positive is a negative, and the opposite of a negative is a positive. If you reverse the sign twice (opposite of opposite) you have the original number. The same applies to an inverse (multiplicative opposite): the inverse of any inverse for a nonzero number is the origin ( Full Answer )

The opposite of the opposite of inexact?

The opposite's opposite of inexact is still inexact. It is similarto having two negatives in a sentence, making it a positive andtherefore, no longer needing the negative. e.g. "I don't notunderstand what you mean." When having two negatives in a sentence,they cancel each other out. This is a simila ( Full Answer )

What is the opposite of am?

"am not" depending on how your sentence is worded.. If You meant A.M. then the opposite of that is P.M.

What is the opposite of for?

There is no opposite of the preposition "for" (a reason). However, for something given as a gift, the opposite of "for" (the recipient) would be from (the donor or giver).

What is the opposite of wrong is the opposite of?

This phrase is requesting a synonym for wrong or an antonym forright. The phrase could be completed with the synonyms incorrect,dishonest, or unjust. The phrase could also be completed withantonyms for the word right which would include the previousanswers, but could also include other meanings of t ( Full Answer )

What is the opposite of we?

The opposite of we (first person plural nominative) could be either of these: you - second person plural they - third person plural nominative

What is the opposite of the opposite of the word submission?

The opposite of the opposite of any word is the word itself. So it is submission. * The opposite of submission (giving in) would be domination. There is no real opposite for a submission (something submitted) except the lack of one.

What is the opposite of have?

The opposite of the verb "have" is to not have. The informal nouns for persons with property or without are the haves and the have-nots . (There is no direct opposite to having, however the opposite of acquire or gain is to lose.)

What is the opposites of opposites property?

I assume that the opposites property means the following: If you are given a number x and an operation ~ (which may be addition, or multiplication or anything else), the opposite of x is another number y such that x ~ y is the identity element for the operation over that set. Thus, if ~ is additi ( Full Answer )

What is individualism in sculptors?

Sculptors whose work expresses individualism in their themes and show artistic integrity in their artwork follow the principles of individualism. sculptors who show man as a heroic being are individualistic.

If you have to be opposite on opposite day can there ever be an opposite day if you are opposite on opposite day?

If you have to be opposite on opposite day, that makes it a day, and then there was no opposite day. But that can't be true since you HAVE to be opposite, which means that you have to be normal even though there is an opposite day because you are supposed to be opposite on opposite day, which means ( Full Answer )

What is an individual expedition?

I would say that an individual expedition is one where a person sets out alone to discover and see things. A solo trip.

What is 'individual' in Italian?

'Individuale' is an Italian equivalent of 'individual'. It's an adjective that can be used for 'individual' males and females. It's pronounced 'EEN-dee-vee-DWAH-leh'. In the plural, it's 'individuali' , which is pronounced 'EEN-dee-vee-DWAH-lee'.

What is literature to you as individual?

"Literature" is basically any non-cliche literary work (eg. novel, poem, short story) that is not produced for the sole purpose of making the author money. What literature is NOT: . A romance nove l. They all literally follow a formula . " Oh, the Places You'll Go! " is not literature; it e ( Full Answer )

What is an individual consumer?

individual consumer is an individual and household who buy goods and services for their personal use

What is the opposite of you?

From the standpoint of interpersonal operations (what the first person I, does in relationship to a second person, you), the opposite of you is me , or I. Similarly, from the standpoint of here or there, the word they or them may be the opposite of both you, I, we, or us. --- However, technic ( Full Answer )

Why do individuals differ?

Because everyone is brought up in individual different circumstances and thus , sees the world and his fellow people differently.

Can individuate be followed by 'by'?

Since "individuate" is a "to create" or "to form" type of word, I'd think you would need an object after "individuate" and before the "by" in a sentence. For example: Harry sought to individuate himself from his parents by dressing in goth attire. Harry=noun sought=verb himself=object

What is individual test?

Students take a well-written multiple choice quiz of 10-20 questions over the assigned reading. This provides individual accountability and helps reinforce the student's memory of what they learned in their readings.

What are the weaknesses of an individual?

Every individual has different weaknesses and if you will answer it in an interview try to answer it that if ever you have a weakness ,that you will be able to resolve that weakness by working hard to beat that weakness,and try to work your best answer to your benefit.

What is the opposite of has?

The opposite of has/ to have would be to lack , or alternatively to need or want. (the word lose is not an opposite of have because it is a change in possession)

What is the opposite?

The opposite is 2 things that are completely different. For example, the moon and the sun, up and down, right and left, a smile and a frown.

What is the opposite of be?

he opposite of be is are because when you say something like "Be a good person." you are trying to tell the person to become something. But when you say "You are a good person." that means that you already have become that thing.

What is the opposite sides and opposites angles?

.Opposite side: consider a rectangle. Name the corners A,B,C,D, name can be at any corner but continous. Now AB and CD, AD and BC are opposite sides. Or opposite sides are parallel lines they are not suppose to be equal but parallel. Opposite angles: consider X mark the upper 'v' makes angle at the ( Full Answer )

What is the opposite of out?

The opposite of out is "in." (For a fire , the opposite of out is "lit" . For a light , the opposite of out, meaning off, is "on.")

Why do the opposite hemispheres have opposite seasons?

The axis of the Earth is tilted which gives us seasons. Only one of the hemispheres, north or south, can be tilted toward the Sun, while the other is tilted away. If the northern hemisphere is tipped toward the sun, then it is warmer and the days are longer, which gives us summer. But the days ar ( Full Answer )