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Including is the opposite of leaving out.

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Q: What is the opposite of leaving out?
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What is the opposite of leave?

Including is the opposite of leaving out.

What word means the opposite of leaving out?


Word that means the opposite of leaving out?


What is the opposite of spit?

impossible to find out the opposite of spit

What is the oppposite of coming?

The opposite of coming is going or leaving.

What is the opposite of leaving someone out?

If you're leaving someone out, you're not including them in something. So, the opposite would be to include them or make someone feel welcome into a group, etc. Including them would mean talking to them, getting their input on decisions etc. So essentially, the opposite of excluding someone is to include them.

Is the opposite of immigrant emigrant?

Yes. An immigrant is someone coming into a country and an emigrant is someone leaving. Of course when an emigrant is leaving their own country they will be an immigrant in the country they arrive in. So they can be the same when looked at different perspectives.

Will leaving a force constant and doubling the mass of an object cause the acceleration to double?

Just the opposite. It will cause the acceleration to drop by 50%.

Why does two minuses equal a plus?

A negative number is the opposite of a positive number. If a positive number measures the money you have, then a negative number measures the money you owe. If you multiply two negative numbers together, you are getting the opposite of an opposite. One negative negates the other, leaving you with a positive.

What is the opposite of crater?

There is no "opposite" of crater. A crater is formed by a high speed projectile hitting the ground, spewing matter outwards, creating a rim and a depression. The opposite would be a high speed projectile, leaving the ground and forming a hill. If you'd said depression, I'd have said a hill.

Why rocket is used?

A rocket is used for space travel because it requires nothing to push against,no air or ground is needed. The speed and quantity of gas leaving the engine has an equal and opposite force on the rocket propelling it in the opposite direction.

What are the rules of a rhombus?

It is a 4 equal sided quadrilateral It has 2 opposite acute and 2 opposite obtuse equal angles Its 4 interior angles add up to 360 degrees Its diagonals are perpendicular It will tessellate leaving no gaps or overlaps