What is the opposite of lift?

Updated: 9/11/2023
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The opposite of the verb to lift is to lower.

The opposite force factor, opposing aerodynamic lift, is weight. (gravity)

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Q: What is the opposite of lift?
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What is the opposite to the word lift?


When you are in an aeroplane does lift act in the opposite direction to friction?

Lift does not act opposite to friction. Lift opposes weight and friction(air resistance) opposes thrust from the engine. This is all equally true whether or not you happen to be aboard the aircraft.

What is the role of lift in flight?

"Lift" is the force that acts opposite to gravity. If 'lift' can be made to exceed the weight of the craft, then the net vertical force on it is directed upward, and the craft can rise.

What is the relationship between the 4 forces of flight?

Lift is opposite of weight Thrust is opposite drag. When lift >weight plane climbs. If lift < weight you best find a place to land. If thrust> drag you accelerate. If drag>thrust you slow down. High and fast are your friends. Low and slow are out to kill you.

What is the opposite of a pulley?

There is no opposite machine to a pulley. However, a jack or hydraulic lift essentially does the reverse, lifting from below rather than from above.

How do you turn the page of a book?

You lift the corner and take it across the middle of the book to the opposite side.

If you MUST perform a manual lift on a patient?

Position one person on the opposite side of the patient

What is the deference between lift and left?

I presume you mean the difference between Lift and Left . . . . Lift means to raise something (as in picking up a box from the floor) Left is the opposite to right (right hand / Left hand)

Which law explains how rockets lift off from the ground?

Newton's third law of motion explains how rockets lift off from the ground. The law states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This means that as the rocket propels exhaust gases downward, the rocket is propelled upward in the opposite direction.

A rocket receives lift off due to?

A rocket is able to lift off because of something called thrust. This means if you apply force to one direction, it will also apply force to the opposite direction.

When you use a crowbar to lift a large rock you are working against the force called?

When using a crowbar to lift a large rock, you are working against the force of gravity. Gravity is pulling the rock downward towards the Earth, and you are exerting force in the opposite direction to lift it.

How 2 cranes of 40 tons can lift in tandem one weight of 75 tons?

In practice, the cranes have to be "synchronized" which creates certain problems for controlling the lift. But as 40 + 40 = 80 there is ample overhead whentrying to lift 75 tons. The cranes would each lift opposite sides of the load at the same time.