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Q: What is the opposite of marrant in french?
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What is marrant in French?

Funny, e.g. 'il est marrant', 'he is funny'.

What is the french word for its fun?

c'est amusant/marrant

How do you say it is not fun in french?

ce n'est pas marrant

What is the French phrase 'Il est marrant' in English?

"He's funny" is an English equivalent of the French phrase "Il est marrant."Specifically, the subject pronoun "il" means "he." The verb "est" means "(He/she/it) is." The masculine adjective "marrant" means "funny."The pronunciation is "ee-leh mah-raw."

How do you say funny in french?

Tu es drôle, tu es marrant

What does marrante mean in french?

"marrant / marrante" is a familiar word for funny, laughableIt means "funny".

How do you spell funny in french?

funny joke rigoleux, marrant funny man rigolo, marrant funny peculiar man un peu special funny peculiar thing bizarre, extra-ordinaire

When was John Marrant born?

John Marrant was born in 1755.

When did John Marrant die?

John Marrant died in 1791.

What is the word 'and' in French?

et example. Il est marrant et gentil. That means: He is funny and nice.

What is the English translation for pas marrant?

pas marrant means 'not funny'

What is the difference between Marrante and marrant?

marrant is masculine, marrante is the feminine form.