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the opposite of pity is like when you say that is amazing for example: that's a pity that you failed your math test, the opposite is that is awesome that you past the math test.

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Q: What is the opposite of pity?
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What is the opposite of self pity?

Defining real problems and seeking viable solutions. A willingness to focus on someone other than self.

Is the sentence i have a pity on you grammatically correct?

No. Pity does not take an article. Also, generally we say I take pity on you or I have pity for you.I pity you is OK. - I pity you, losing your dog like that.Pity can be a verb or a noun

What is suffix for pity?


What does piteous entreaty mean?

lots of pity

Use in sentence self-pity?

Do not drown yourself in a pool of self-pity. These days, self-pity is sometimes referred to as a "pity-party".

What does 'pity for you' mean?

What does 'pity for you' mean?

What is a sentence using the word pity?

i pity you

Can you give me and example the word pity using in a sentence?

I pity the fool who gets in my way! She didn't want his pity, but his love.

What is the verb form of pity?

pity, I think. eg. I pity you for not having read any books in your childhood.

When was This Is Such a Pity created?

This Is Such a Pity was created in 2006-02.

How do you use the word 'pity' in a sentence?

"well that is a pity!"exclaimed .....

What is the color of pity?

Red is the color of pity, blood red.

What are the cline words of pity?

can you give 4 cline of pity

When was Pity the Nation created?

Pity the Nation was created in 1990.

When was Pity Is Not Enough created?

Pity Is Not Enough was created in 1933.

When was No Grounds for Pity created?

No Grounds for Pity was created in 1996.

What is pity?

Pity is a type of emotion. When you feel pity, you feel bad for someone or something, because its situation is less fortunate than your own.

Is the sentence pity those who are unhappy correct?

The sentence, 'Pity those who are unhappy.' is a correct sentence. The subject of the sentence is implied, the subject is 'you', the verb is 'pity'.

How do you spell pity?

That is the correct spelling of the word "pity" (to have sympathy for the unfortunate).

How many syllables in the word pity?

Two syllables are in the word "pity"

What is the duration of Beware of Pity?

The duration of Beware of Pity is 1.75 hours.

How many pages does Pity the Nation have?

Pity the Nation has 681 pages.

What is the ISBN of Pity the Nation?

The ISBN of Pity the Nation is 978-0192852359.

What is the noun for pity?

The word 'pity' is a noun, a word for feeling of sorrow and compassion caused by the suffering and misfortunes of others; a word for a thing.The word 'pity' is also a verb: pity, pities, pitying, pitied.

When was Night Without Pity created?

Night Without Pity was created in 1961.