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If you are referring to synthetic meaning "man-made", then the opposite would be "natural" or "genuine".

There is another usage of synthetic, in which the opposite is "analytic".

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Q: What is the opposite of synthetic?
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What is opposite of the word synthetic?


What is the opposite of natural?

Unnatural, uncommon, different, abnormal Artificial, fake, unorganic, synthetic

What is the opposite of a plant?

The opposite of a plant can be several things. A balloon is the opposite of a plant as it is synthetic while a plant is natural. If you're thinking Pokemon then Fire and Ice are the opposite of plant as they are good against it. If you are looking at a plant on the other side of the room then YOU are opposite the plant. But in the end there is no opposite to a plant. The answer is most likely answer fire or light.

What percentage makes a synthetic oil synthetic?

Synthetic is 100% synthetic. There are blends sold that are part synthetic & regular oil. Look for a quart that sates FULL or 100% Synthetic. If it says Synthetic Blend then it is not 100% Synthetic.Synthetic is 100% synthetic. There are blends sold that are part synthetic & regular oil. Look for a quart that sates FULL or 100% Synthetic. If it says Synthetic Blend then it is not 100% Synthetic.

What is the different semi synthetic oil and syntetic?

Semi synthetic or synthetic blend is a combination of synthetic and conventional oil. Full synthetic oil is just that 100% synthetic oil.

Is all synthetic oil non detergent?

NO, in fact just the opposite is true. Most synthetics are detergent blends. You can however buy a non detergent synthetics.

Can you mix part synthetic oil full synthetic oil?

You can mix part synthetic oil with full synthetic oil.

Does a 2005 explorer take synthetic oil or synthetic blend?

You can use synthetic, synthetic blend, or conventional oil. It is your choice.

Is it okay to switch from synthetic to regular?

synthetic to conventional - ok conventional to synthetic - no

Can you mix synthetic and non synthetic?

No, you could mix with synthetic blend but its not recommended.

Is concrete natural or synthetic?

It is synthetic, but what we use to make concrete is natural AND synthetic.

Can you run synthetic motorcycle oil in your car?

Full synthetic motorcycle oils can and regularly do have additives to make them safe for use in vehicles with a "wet" or "oil bath" clutch. Standard synthetics tend to generate excessive slip in a wet clutch. To accurately answer the question. Yes you can run synthetic motorcycle oil in your car. However I would advise against doing the opposite.

Is Oxycontin natural or synthetic?


Is polyester synthetic or natural?


Is Valium a synthetic or a natural?


Is rohypnol a synthetic drug?

it is synthetic

Is toothpaste a natural or synthetic?

it is synthetic

Can you mix full synthetic with semi synthetic gear oil?

Yes, semi synthetic is a blend of synthetic and conventional oil already.

What does it mean to be gifted with synthetic abilities?

To poses synthetic abilities or synthetic intelligence means the opposite of possessing analytic abilities. Where analysis is to deconstruct a thing into its elements, to synthesise is to bring together elements to form a new thing. It is a creative ability that requires understanding of the whole and the relation of its parts. In his "triarchic theory of intelligence" (2003), Psychologist Robert Sternberg (1947) describes synthetic intelligence as one of three forms of intelligence, among analytic intelligence and practical intelligence.

Does havoline make synthetic oil?

Yes, they make a full synthetic and a synthetic blend.

What brand of synthetic oil is best Amsoil or Mobil?

Synthetic oil is synthetic oil.

Can you mix synthetic oil and non synthetic oil?

Yes, that is what a synthetic blend is that they sell.

Are Cephalosporins a synthetic drug?

they are semi-synthetic

Is polyester natural or synthetic?

Polyester is synthetic.

Is amphetamines a natural or synthetic drug?

they are synthetic.