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What is the opposite of transparent?

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The visual and optical opposite of transparent is "opaque."

Metaphorically, the description of motives as transparentwould have the opposites unclear or hidden.

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What is the opposite of opeaque?

If you mean opaque then the opposite of it is transparent.

Opposite of opaque?

Hi the opposite to opaque is transparent. :)

What is the opposite opaque?


Is a pair of denim jeans transparent?

No. Denim jeans are opaque, which is the opposite of transparent.

Opposite word for transparent?


Opaque is to transparent as turmoil is to?

Opaque is to transparent as turmoil is to order. (Or composure, peacefulness, etc.) -This is because the opposite of opaque is transparent, as opaque allows no light through while transparent allows all light through; and the opposite of turmoil is-.

Can't see through opposite of transparent?


What is the antonym of opaque?

transparent is the antonym/opposite of opaque.

What is it called when a mixture is not transparent?

The opposite of transparent (something that can be "seen-through") is opaque. A glass milk bottle is transparent. The milk is opaque. A plastic milk jug would be semi-transparent.

What is the opposite of translusent?

transparent Transparent allows light images to pass through. Translucent object allow light through but no image. Th opposite of light transmission would be objects that are opaque.

What is the Opposite word of opaque?

The opposite word of opaque is transparent. Opaque = an object that cannot be seen through, for example: solid metal door. Transparent = and object that can be seen through, for example: clear glass window.

Does A transparent marketplace means that there is high product differentiation?

No, it's the opposite. A transparent marketplace means little product differentiation, AND that all prices are known constantly.

What is opposite of clear it starts with v?

If clear as in transparent or invisible, I assume it would be "visible"

What is the opposite of devious?

angelic (No devious is not related to the devil, it is related to a diversion)answ2. devious is tricky and not straightforward. So the opposite is straightforward, or transparent.

Is there a color that doesn't have an invert?

There is always a polar opposite to any colour, unless the object is truly transparent.

Does the opacity of a layer adjusts its transparency?

Considering that transparency and opacity are opposites, yes. Something completely transparent is not at all opaque, and something completely opaque is not at all transparent. However, something which is 50% transparent is also 50% opaque, and something 25% transparent would be 75% opaque, and something 25% opaque would be 75% transparent. Transparency and opacity are at the opposite ends of the same scale.

What is difference between transparent and translucent?

Transparency is defined as a quality an object has that allows light to pass through it and any objects on the opposite side can clearly be seen through through the transparent object. Translucent objects still allow light to pass through them, but the objects on the opposite side are not clearly visible. It could be likened to two pieces of glass. One is from a window and the other is frosted. The one piece from the window is transparent, and the frosted piece is translucent

What is a sentence with the word transparent?

The glass was transparent.Why are you so transparent?

Is transparent a noun?

No, the word 'transparent' is an adjective, a word that describes a noun (a transparent container, a transparent lie).The noun forms of the adjective 'transparent are transparentness and transparency.

What is a sentence for transparent?

Ashley is transparent as glass, you can see her lies. His excuses for his bad acts were transparent. I have transparent lenses in my glasses.

What are examples of transparent gemstones?

Diamond - transparent Rock crystal - transparent zircon - transparent amethyst - translucent citrine - translucent

What are Examples of transparent light?

It isn't light that is transparent; it is objects you can touch that are, or are not, transparent.

Is water transparent or translucent?


What is a sentence with transparent?

His tactic was transparent.

Is water translucent or transparent?


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