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What is the opposite of urban?


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The opposite of urban (city) is rural (country).


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The opposite of rustic is urban.

The opposite of the noun adjunct "city" can be country, in the same way that the opposite of urban is rural.

Is the opposite of "urban area"

The opposite of country is not used for the meaning "a nation."The term country here means "rural" -- out in the country.The opposite of country is city, as the opposite of rural is urban.

A city is Urban, or more than 1,000 people living in a square mile, but a town is mostly rural( opposite of Urban).

A non built up area, such as in the countryside. Not in a city or the suburbs. The opposite of rural is urban.

idk but 70% lives in rural lol sorry for the opposite thing

City-state has no straight antonym in the dictionary. Thinking about this term as urban, the opposite of the is rural.Ê

Some trees that have simple opposite red leaves include the Amur Maple and the Flowering Dogwood. You can learn more about tree leaves from the Urban Tree Key Organization website.

You do not need a number of people for an urban area. The rough definition for a rural area is somewhere where nature is not greatly affected by human beings, such as a large forest area. Urban is the complete opposite, meaning somewhere in, say, a city. There could be 1 person in a city or there could be 1000's. Both would mean its an urban area.

the word URBAN means a big or huge city or town. It is a word, the opposite or rural. Rural may refer to a village, comparatively less populated. The distribution of population may be more "spread out". urban is a city, town. etc... where the population is more concentrated. it also has more of a busy street .

They are not always called urban Legends. They can be called Urban Myths, Urban Tales or Urban Stories. And they are not necessarily from and 'Urban' origin.

in a variety ofhabitats ranging from rural agricultural to urban backyards.(Opposite-left) Forbs provide excellent habitat for cottontail rabbits.

the urban cowboy is about a cowboy that is urban

Urban myth says that toilets in the southern hemisphere flush in the opposite direction. This is not true. The direction depends on the way the toilet is built.

Urban is not a verb. The word urban is a noun or an adjective.The noun Urban was the name chosen by eight Popes, Urban I-Urban VIII.The adjective urban describes a noun as relating to towns and cities, or happening there.

Tai Urban goes by Tai-Alexander Urban, and T. Urban.

Urban Chat is an online chat website. Urban Chat is part of Urban Dictionary. There is also an Urban Chat Facebook page.

To is the opposite of from.

The opposite (antonym) of opposite is same.

The additive opposite is, but not the multiplicative opposite.The additive opposite is, but not the multiplicative opposite.The additive opposite is, but not the multiplicative opposite.The additive opposite is, but not the multiplicative opposite.

The educational background of most urban planners is quite simple. These urban planners often came from urban areas with urban schools.

its a university in an urban

“Urban music” is music that is aimed at an urban audience. Oftentimes this music is also made by someone who lives or has lived in an urban community. Examples of urban music include rap, hip-hop, and urban pop.

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