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Since your forearm is the lower part of your arm, the other part is usually called your upper arm.

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What bone in the human body begins with the letter U?

It is the ulna, which is located on the opposite side of the forearm from the thumb.

What muscle flexes the forearm at the elbow?

The bicep is the muscle that contracts the forearm and is commonly shown when flexing the arm. The tricep is on the opposite side as the bicep and is used to extend the forearm.The bicep and tricep

Which Carpus bone is opposite the large forearm bone 6 letters?


Bone of the carpus opposite the ulna?

if you are talking about the forearm bone next to the ulna, that would be the radius.

Which two muscle work in opposite way to make the arm move?

forearm and upper arm muscles.

Is The wrist distal to the forearm?

The wrist is distal to the forearm. The forearm is proximal to the wrist.

What joint is your forearm?

your forearm is not a joint

What is one the forearm bones?

The bones in your forearm are the radius and ulna. The ulna is the main forearm bone, and the radius is the supporting forearm bone.

Is the forearm proximal or distal to the wrist?

The forearm is proximal to the wrist. The wrist is distal to the forearm.

How do you use forearm in a sentence?

-The boy had cuts and bruises on his forearm. -The war veteran lost his forearm in Vietnam. -I hurt my forearm playing sports.

Which term means rotating the arm so that the palm of the hand is upward?

supination of the forearm is to rotate from the position of palm down, to palm facing up. While pronation of the forearm is the opposite coming from palm facing up to palm facing down.

What is a the forearm is called the?

The forearm is called just that.

What is the function of the forearm?

the forearm s the best one the monthThe function of the forearm is to extend. Many animals such as the dog use the forearm to as a running tool.

What muscles perform forearm supination?

Biceps Brachii is a powerful supinator of the forearm, the Supinator muscle also completes supination of the forearm particularly when the forearm is supinating in a slow and unopposed manor or if the forearm is extended.

Where can you find the serial number on an Ithaca Shotgun?

If it is a Side by Side like my Western Long Range Gun, pop off the forearm - mine is marked in three places: the wood of the forearm, the metal of the forearm, and on the action. My Model 37 has the serial number stamped on the front of the reciever, opposite the slide for the pump. It is in the area between the magazine tube and the barrell.

What muscles flex and extend the forearm?

Biceps Brachii flexes the forearm and the Triceps Brachii extends the forearm.

Where is the forearm located?

the forearm is located where the wrist and elbow is.

Flexes forearm and pronates and supinates forearm?


What is a beavertail forearm?

wider than normal forearm

What is pronation and where can you find more about this?

Pronation is the medical term used to describe a movement that makes something face downwards. E.g. pronation of the forearm. The opposite is supination.

What is the scientific name for forearm?

Radius and ulna are the forearm bones..

Scientific name for forearm muscle?

what is the scientific name for forearm

Scientific name for the forearm?

The bones of the forearm are radius and ulna..

How do you spell forearm?

That is the correct spelling of "forearm" (lower arm).

Another name for forearm?

Another name for the forearm is the lower arm. The forearm consists of two bones, the radius and the ulna.