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It depends on the type of clay.

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Q: What is the optimum moisture content in clay?
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What is the optimum moisture content in gravel road compaction?

You're looking for something between 8-11%, depending on sand and clay particle content. MDD of 2000-2170kg/m^3 and CBR anything from 20-100%.

What is the natural moisture content of clay?

8 to 20 percent

What is the optimum moisture content of soil?

The water content corresponding to the maximum dry unit weight or maximum dry density is know that as optimum moisture content.(o.M.c.) or optimum water content (o.w.c) maximum dry density is achieved at higher O.M.C.for cohesive soils or fine grained soils s compared to cohesionless soils.(sand 6-10%0

What is the optimum moisture content in polyester yarn?

Polyester holds on to only about 0.4 percent of moisture; cotton just 7 percent.

Which is heavier sand or clay?

Clay is heavier than sand since its density and its moisture content cause it to be heavier.

How the soil which can be compacted be brought to its optimum moisture content?

Add water in the soil and make it wet uniformly.Now by the hand test squeeze the soil in your handThe soil should retain the shape and when its dropped it'll break down in three or four pieces.Soil is now at the optimum moisture content and is ready to be compacted.

Optimum moisture content of different soils?

the water which is added in the soil should be usefull for compaction of soil to know the dry density of the soil

How does clay soil feel in the hand?

It depends on the moisture content. It can be hard, chalky and crumbly. It can be heavy and slightly slimy and very malleable if wet.

Why you are doing initial moisture content critical moisture content and equilibrium moisture content test?

if we know initial moisture content of the object we can identify how much drying energy required for dry the same moist material. if it is a food material we have to reduce the moisture content upto certain level, otherwise it may be destroyed. if we know the initial moisture content of same food object, we can reduce its moisture content upto 10% of its initial moisture content.

Maximum bulking in sand and in what moisture content?

The maximum bulking of sand is in 13% to 14% moisture content. It's likely to be 13.8% moisture content.

Would water drain away faster through clay soil or sand?

Water drains much faster through sandy soil. Soil with a heavy clay content holds moisture for a long while.

What are the types of Moisture content in coals?

free moisture inherent moisture