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The uterus

The baby develops all it's organs in the mother.


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The organ is know as uterus - I suggest you Google any questions related to our anatomy

Uterus. The baby also develops a amniotic sac with in the uterus that holds fluid so the baby can be protected until birth.

It is the muscular organ unique to female placental mammals about a size of a clenched fist where a baby develops. It is very elastic and expands dramatically as the baby grows. The pear shaped muscular in the reproductive organ from the menstruate from females and it a normal develops pregnancy.

I the mammal is a monotreme, it developes in an egg. If the mammal is in the marsupial group, it develops in a pouch on its mother. If it is a placental mammal, it develops in the placenta.

The baby is called a calf and mother is a cow. Together they are called a cow-calf pair, or "mom and baby."

The organ system that produces babies is called: reproductive organ system.

This would be called the uterus.

A group of whales is called a pod and a baby whale is called a calf. The mother is just called the mother.

A mother duck is called a duck or, as a female bird, a hen. Baby ducks are called ducklings.

An unborn baby, commonly called a "fetus", develops in it's mother's uterus (also called a womb).

The mother is often called a nanny goat and the baby is a "kid".

A baby bottlenose dolphin develops in it's mother's womb, and the mother will attempt to return to it's original breeding ground, and that is where the baby will be born.

It is called an egg. The egg is developed in a chicken via the Oviduct but only stays there for about 24 hours, the balance of the development is done outside the hens body after the egg is laid by the hen.

The father of a foal is called a sire. The mother is called a dam.

Yes. During pregnancy, the fetus- which is a word for a baby that is not born yet- is inside its mother, in a special organ called the uterus. The uterus nurtures and protects the fetus until it is born.

The mother pig is called a sow, and the baby pigs are called piglets.

"In sexual reproduction, a line of genes on a DNA chain from a mother is paired with a matahing chain from the fater In a baby that develops from the two gene contributors, the pairs of traits on its DNA will?" the answer is: result from recombining traits from the mother and father

Mother dolphins are called cows, father dophins are called bulls and baby dolphins are called calves.

The placenta is what develops during pregnancy that connects the mother to the fetus. The placenta provides the baby with oxygen, nutrients, and blood. It also delivers the waste of the fetus to the mother so the mother can expel it.

Hippos are viviparous, which means the baby develops living inside the mother before they are born. They are born alive.

eat healthy food have a healthy diet and drink pregnancy milk

A female or mother rhinoceros is called a cow. A male rhinoceros is called a bull and a baby rhinoceros is called a calf.

A mother elephant is called a cow and the baby is a calf.

Fluid around the baby is called as amniotic fluid in the womb of the mother.

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