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Combe - also spelt Coomb, Coombe and (in Welsh) Cwm - means a valley or

hollow on the side of a hill. It is derived from the Anglo-Saxon 'Cumb', as

in Cumberland and Cumbernauld.

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What is the population of Villers-la-Combe?

The population of Villers-la-Combe is 51.

What is the population of Ecot-la-Combe?

The population of Ecot-la-Combe is 25.

What is the meaning of origin?

meaning of origin

What is the area of Villers-la-Combe?

The area of Villers-la-Combe is 5,880,000.0 square meters.

What is the area of Ecot-la-Combe?

The area of Ecot-la-Combe is 20.93 square kilometers.

What is the area of Thélis-la-Combe?

The area of Thélis-la-Combe is 14.57 square kilometers.

When was Delphine Combe born?

Delphine Combe was born in 1974.

When was Combe Force created?

Combe Force was created in 1940.

When did Combe Miller die?

Combe Miller died in 1814.

When was Combe Miller born?

Combe Miller was born in 1745.

When did Taylor Combe die?

Taylor Combe died in 1826.

When was Taylor Combe born?

Taylor Combe was born in 1774.

What is the population of Combe Florey?

The population of Combe Florey is 252.

What is Combe Martin's population?

The population of Combe Martin is 2,650.

When was Thomas Combe born?

Thomas Combe was born in 1796.

When did Thomas Combe die?

Thomas Combe died in 1872.

When was David Combe born?

David Combe was born in 1943.

When was Charles Combe born?

Charles Combe was born in 1743.

When did Charles Combe die?

Charles Combe died in 1817.

When did William Combe die?

William Combe died in 1823.

When was William Combe born?

William Combe was born in 1741.

What nicknames does Dominique Combe go by?

Dominique Combe goes by Do.

Where combe in Pokemon Diamond?

You can find combe in trees that you can slatter honey at

What is the population of Martigny-Combe?

Martigny-Combe's population is 1,714.

When was Ivan Combe born?

Ivan Combe was born on April 21, 1911.

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