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The stars. Iron is the heaviest element produced in the normal cycle of stellar fusion. Iron thus formed is distributed across areas of space upon the death of some stars. On earth, iron is distributed in large deposits at various locations around the globe. A link is provided to the Wikipedia article on iron.

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Tony Stark's invention of the Iron Man is the origin of these famous races.

What is the origin word for iron?


Origin of name of iron?

Latin: Ferrum

What is the origin of the name iron?

Ferrum, which is latin.

What is a origin of iron man?

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Origin name of iron?

The atomic symbol for iron was derived from its Latin name, ferrum.

What is the origin of iron?

Iron is a naturally occurring element found in much of the crust of the earth.

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Iron meteorites come from the cores of differentiated bodies after bolide impact.

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Is iron Greek or Latin?

Neither. The word is Celtic in origin.

What does Fe stand for in iron?

Iron is a chemical element with symbol FeThe origin of the symbol Fe comes from the Latin word "ferrum" meaning "iron"

What is the name origin for steel?

What we know as Steel is highly processed Iron.

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What is the element e stand for in the chemical formula of iron?

Iron is an element, not a compound. It's chemical symbol is Fe, which stands for the Latin origin of the word: Ferrum

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Things that aren't biological in origin (glass, rocks, iron, water) contain no DNA

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Emigrating from Airaines, in Sommes, France, the Iron family brought their name to Norfolk, England, following the Norman Conquest in 1066 A.D.As a word, it's PIE base meant 'powerful, holy, strong'.

What has the author J E Maynard written?

J. E. Maynard has written: 'The origin of the precambrian banded iron formations'

What is the origin of the word 'iron'?

the original word for the metal came with the iron age more than 3000 years ago & meant holy or strong metal as compared to bronze the household appliance & laundry activity arent nearly so old tho

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The iron curtain, was a political term used during the First World War describing, the tensions between Germany and Belgium. The origin of the term began, in the former Soviet Union.

What is the Origin of magnetite?

It was named after a Greek Shepard named Magnes discovered a mineral on MT. Ida that made is staff and iron ferrule stick to the rock.

Why is the symbol of Potassium Fe?

First off, Fe is for IRON. Potassium's symbol is K. The origin of the symbol K comes from the Latin word kalium.