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Prickly Pear Cactus (native South American), was brought to Australia in 1788 on the First Fleet. It became a pest, quickly overrunning many thousand acres of farmland. To combat it, the caterpillar/moth Cactoblastis (also South American native), was introduced in the 1920s.

Wildly successful, it practically eliminated the spiny exotic in a few years. defeated.

Hence, CACTUS, in Australian slang, means: beaten, finished, ruined, kaput etc.

e.g. Jim threw just two punches, and Jack was cactus.

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What is Aussie bird?

"Aussie" is short for "Australian" "Bird" is Australian slang for a girl Thus, an Aussie bird is slang for an Australian girl

What is slang for Australian?

Aussie is slang for Australian.

What is Aussie slang for Humpback whales?

There is no specific Australian slang for humpback whales.

What does dip mean in Aussie slang?

The word dip has several meanings in Aussie slang. It could refer to a pickpocket, a bucket, to spend money or cheekiness.

In Aussie slang what is a caulies?

It is possibly more of an abbreviation than slang - "caulies" = Cauliflowers.

What is an Aussie battler?

An aussie battler is, in Australian slang, a working-class Australian who perseveres in the face of adversity.

What is an aussie?

An Aussie is a slang term for a person from Australia, or an Australian Shepherd dog, a herding dog originating from California.

What is oryttt mate?

it is aussie slang saying alright mate ;)

What is the English for radio in Aussie slang?

In Australian slang, a radio or wireless might be referred to as a "Squawk Box".

What is Aussie slang for bye?

see ya biee catch ya

What is an Aussie salute?

An Aussie salute is an Australian slang term for waving a hand in front of the face in order to scare away flies.

What do you call a man in Australia?

A man is a man, but in Aussie slang a man is a 'bloke'.

In Aussie rhyming slang what is a Joe Blake?

if your doing the take 5 quiz. the answer is snake

How do you say merry Christmas in Aussie slang?

You say it "have yourself a fair dinkum christmas"

What does bub stand for?

It is an Aussie (Australian) slang word for Baby. It is thought to be derived from the word BROTHER.

Is there any slang for cactus?

This will depend on which cactus species you're referring to. If you want to rewrite the question to ask about one specific cactus, someone will know what the nickname for that one is!

What is the origin of the word prat?

It is a term of abuse for an incompetent person, it is slang and of unknown origin

What is the origin of the idiom to brain someone?

It is a slang term from the 1930's, origin not known

What is the defenision of mate?

friend. for example, "he is a good mate of mine. We have been mates since we were kids." Aussie slang

What does it mean when a person says you are cactus?

If someone says in Australian slang; " you are cactus mate...." the reference is that you are in a load of trouble, or that your immediate future looks grim. One could say that this is a very lateral thought but the slang concept is based on the fact that Cactus live in the desert, get no water and have a pretty tough existence.

When do Australians use the word Aussie?

"Aussie" is a very informal term. It tends to be used at sporting events to encourage athletes, e.g. "C'mon, Aussie!" It should never be used in academic writing or formal speeches, unless the subject is specific to the use of Australian slang.

How many mc donalds are there in New Zealand?

I counted a shocking 136 stores on the maccas (kiwi slang for McDonalds) web site. Maccas is Aussie slang and kiwis are fat suckers

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