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In Colonial days, North Carolina was a big producer of tar, pitch and turpentine. During one of the fiercest conflicts of the Civil War, North Carolina troops felt they had been let down by a regiment carrying the colors of another state, and thus carried chips on their shoulders when they pulled back from the front after the battle. "Any more tar down in the Old North State, boys?" members of the other regiments taunted the battle-weary North Carolinians. "Not a bit. Jeff Davis bought it all up," retorted the Carolinians. "How's that, what's he going to do with it?" "He's gonna put it on your heels to make you stick better in the next fight," answered the soldiers from the land of tar, pitch and turpentine. Gerneral Lee, hearing of the incident, remarked: "God Bless the Tar Heel Boys." The nickname stuck. Source ... Creecy's "Grandfather Tales of North Carolina" Top Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce
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What is the meaning and origin of the Tar Heels state nickname?

Historians have recorded that the principal products during the early history of North Carolina were "tar, pitch, and turpentine." In 1862 "tar-heel" was introduced as a term of ridicule. It was during one of the fiercest battles of the War Between the States, so the story goes, that the column su ( Full Answer )

How did North Carolina get its nickname the Tar Heel State?

Pitch and tar were the state's earliest and most valuable exports as they were an important commodity in the days of wooden sailing ships. The name was given to them as a perjorative however the manner in which they stuck to their guns and their positions during the Revolutionary War it took on a ne ( Full Answer )

What is tar?

Tar is a dark, oily, viscid mixture of hydrocarbons obtained by destructive distillation of resinous wood, coal, or ect. It's also what most roads are paved with.

How did the Tar Heels get their mascot?

The tarheels mascot is a ram. The reason why its a ram is because they used to have a player called the battering ram so a ram was better suited then a guy with a battering ram.

What does tar do to you?

As in heroine? Black tar heroine/opium does many things to you. Scientifically it binds with receptors in the brain flooding it with dopamine. It gives you a euphoria unlike any thing else. It can make you nauseous and itchy. Constipated and drowsy. It has different effects on different people and i ( Full Answer )

How did North Carolina get the nickname the tar heel state?

North Carolina got its nickname because one of its earliest and most valuable products were tar. Also in the Revolutionary War, North Carolina Soldiers poured tar down the river where the rivals were coming to attack.

What color is the North Carolina Tar Heels?

The school colors are a light blue and white. They also use a small amount of dark blue.. The school colors are a light blue and white. They also use a small amount of dark blue.

What is the name of the UNC tar heels ram mascot?

His name is Ramses, pronounced RAM-SEES, only a true tar heel fan will know. His name comes from back in the early 1920s and 30s. Go Heels! The correct spelling is Rameses. Read the history at: http://tarheelblue.cstv.com/trads/unc-trads-mascot.html

What is the origin of the pine tar rule in baseball?

One manager from Chicago regulated the rule. Hilariously, it was out of utter cheapness that the rule came to be. One rule in major league baseball is that when a ball is scuffed or marked (for instance by pine tar), it must be replaced immediately. This owner realized that he was spending a good am ( Full Answer )

Why are residents of North Carolina called tar heels?

Many years ago in NC all of the old bridges were made of wood. Additionally, a lot of roads were also made of plank (untreated/mill sawn) boards. North Carolina had quite an abundance of Pine Tar from the many Pine Trees. Therefore it would treat both the Bridges and roads with this pine tar to keep ( Full Answer )

What is the Tar heel state?

Assuming you meant the Tar heel state, it would be North Carolina. It's inhabitants are known as Tar heels and the University of North Carolina named its mascot the Tar heels. . North Carolina

What is the origin of the phrase Achilles' heel?

Meaning: the one weakness, fault, flaw, or vulnerable spot in one's otherwise strong character . Origin: In the Iliad, the famous story about the Trojan War by the Greek poet Homer, Achilles was a great hero and warrior. However, he had one weak spot, the heel of one foot. When he was a baby, h ( Full Answer )

High heels stuck in tar or glue?

I hate on a very very hot day tar gets so soft and sticky in parking lot and with my luck I walk right in the goowy tar with my sandals on.Oh I had one time I got out of my car and there was a huge puddle of tar that was under my car door and lucky me steps right in it with both of my heels on now ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of the term heeling over?

It's a sailing term. "Heel" means the lower end or side of a thing on a boat. (The heel of the mast is the part that sits on the deck.) The heel of the boat itself is the bottom of the boat, and when the boat leans over in the wind you can see the bottom, so it's called "heeling over".

Why is Carolina called the tar heel state?

The exact etymology of the nickname is unknown, but most experts believe its roots come from the fact that tar, pitch and turpentine created from the vast pine forests were one of North Carolina's most important exports early in the state's history. Because the exact history of the term is unknown ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of the idiom Achilles' heel?

According to legend, when the mythical Greek hero Achilles was a baby his mother dipped him in the waters of the River Styx. This made him invulnerable to all weapons, except at the spot where she held him on the heel. Achilles went on to be the greatest hero and champion of the Greeks during the Tr ( Full Answer )

Who is number 50 on the tar heels?

Rich Yonakor (1976-80), Cecil Exum (1980-84), Bill Akins (1988-89), Octavus Barnes (1994-95), Brian Bersticker (1997-2002), Tyler Hansbrough (2005-09) the jersey #50 was retired in Hansbrough's honnor in 2010

Can tar paper be used by itself as a short term roof such as on a concession stand?

Saturated felt paper will quickly weather and begin to tear. There are roofing underlayments that will hold up much longer, but are more expensive. Check with your local building materials center. If by short term you mean 1 to 4 weeks, yeah tar paper is fine. but as the answer above correctly st ( Full Answer )

Where does the term Achilles' heel come from?

The term Achilles heel refers to a person's weak spot. It comes from the Greek hero Achilles. Thetis, Achilles's mother is a nymph. When Achilles was born, she tried to dip him in the river Styx to make him immortal. But she missed Achilles' heel because she was holding him by it. Another version of ( Full Answer )

Is a tar heel a ram?

UNC's mascot is a RAM. The state North Carolina is known for it's early settlement trading of tar. NC had tar springs and used it in bartering. I guess for that reason they call themselves Tarheels. They seem a little mixed up to me in not knowing their identity. Not one person at UNC has ever stepp ( Full Answer )

Is a tar heel a animal?

its tarheel , just to let you know , and yes it is an animal .

What does the Navy terms ENC-SW USNR-TAR mean?

An ENC is Engineman Chief Petty Officer (EngiNeman Chief); the SW is his warfare qualification, which is Surface Warfare. The USNR-TAR stands for United States Naval Reserve - Training & Administration of Reserves. Essentially what it means is that he's a Reservist in a Training/Admin capacity ( Full Answer )

What state in the US is nicknamed Tar Heel?

North Carolina is the state called the Tar Heels. It is a nickname that goes all the way back to the Civil War period from around 1865. Later, the University of North Carolina's daily newspaper was named The Tar Heels.

How is the term Achilles heel used today?

The term Achilles heel comes from the legend of Achilles, who was invincible in his body everywhere except his heel, after he was dipped into the river Styx. The term is used to describe a weakness, often a specific one, or a unique one. It can be physical or mental.