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What is the origin of the word fathom?

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From an Old English word meaning "to embrace" as the measure (of water depth) came to mean a man's handspan, then two yards (six feet) when standardised.

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What is the Latin word meaning of 'fathom'?

The Latin word for fathom is to open

What is the latin root of fathom?

'Fathom' has no Latin root. It is a Germanic word.

Use the word fathom in a sentence?

the water here is 7 fathom deep.

What is the word origin for the word unfathomable?

Fathom is an Old English word that means "length of the outstretched arm" which is a measure of about six feet. As a verb fathom means to embrace, surround, envelop. As a verb fathom also has the meaning to take soundings or measure the depth of water. The figurative sense of "get to the bottom of, understand" is from around 1620s. So unfathomable - adjective means you can't get to the bottom of something or understand something

Can you use the word fathom in a sentence?


What is a sentence with the word fathom?

She was at a loss when she looked into his eyes, how could she fathom his motives for wanting to kill her?

What part of speech is word fathom?

Fathom is a noun. It is a unit of measure equal to 6 feet used in sailing.Fathom is also a verb meaning to understand.

How do you use the word fathom?

A fathom is a nautical term representing six feet. Thus, two fathoms is twelve feet.

Seven letter word for hardest to Fathom?


What is a synonym for the word understand?

comprehend accept apprehend fathom

What does the word fathom mean in statements like He could not fathom her reasons for leaving?

It means he could not understand or comprehend the reasons. The verb "fathom" (to penetrate to the meaning or nature) derives from the process of measuring water depth, the unit "fathom" being equal to 6 feet.

How do you fathom in a sentence?

"I do not fathom what you are talking about." "The water is one fathom deep."

Can you used the word fathom in a sentence?

Danny couldn't fathom why his brother believed drinking tomato paste and pickle juice would increase his vitality.

What is word to use to definite distance from outstretched fingertip to fingertip?


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How can you use fathom in a sentence?

We needed to fathom the water

What is fathom equal to?

One fathom = six feet.

When was the fathom invented?

the fathom was invented in 2008! yeahh!

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