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The original spanish word for cowhand is "vaquero."

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Q: What is the original spanish word for cowhand?
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Is cowhand a compound word?

Yes, cowhand is a compound word.

How do you say the word original in spanish?

There is no other word for original in spanish its just 'original', but it's pronounced aw-reekh-ee-nAl

What was life as a cowhand like?

There were many spanish heritages which included the Vaqueros who were skilled riders who herded cattle on ranches in Mexico. Who had to be a skilled rider to be a cowhand.

How were cowhand linked to a spanish heritage?

The spanish were adept at herding livestock.During the 15th century,they brougth the tradition with them to the New World.

What is the original meaning of canyon?

The English form of the Spanish word CaΒ–on.

What is the original meaning of the spanish word Simon?

slang way of saying yes

What is 'poinsettia' in Tagalog?

"Paskwa" is a Tagalog equivalent of "poinsettia" (Euphorbia pulcherrima).Specifically, the noun in Tagalog is a loan word from Spanish. The original Spanish word is "Pascua." The translation from Spanish and Tagalog is the same: "Easter."

Did the Spanish steal the word coyote from the Aztecs?

yes, in its original aztec form it was spelled: Coyotl

What seven letter word means ranch hand?

puncher, cowherd, cowhand, cowgirl, cowpoke,

How do you spell different in Spanish?

The Spanish word is a cognate, the word diferente / diferentes (plural).If you're using it as "not the same", it's distinto or diferente. If you're using it as "unusual" it's original or diferente.

How is cowhand and rodeo similar?

A rodeo is an exhibition and competition of a cowhand's trade.

When did Original Spanish Kitchen end?

Original Spanish Kitchen ended in 1961.